Letter to the Editor: Court ruling not just racist, but sexist

Portsmouth Daily Times

Ohio’s Supreme Court, by a 5-2 decision, has now joined the Ohio State Patrol and Governor Taft in the continued depriving of law abiding Ohioans from defending themselves with a concealed weapon. It matters not that [45] other states allow their citizens such defense.

Opponents say this ruling reflects the will of a majority of Ohioans. This is an unproven statement. It has been 144 years (1859) since the law was written and 81 years(1922) since last upheld by the court.

Can anyone deny that crime has increased in the last 81 years? Criminals always have and always will have guns, yet law-abiding Ohioans are deemed unworthy by our Supreme Court of the right to protect ourselves, families, and livelihood with a concealed weapon.

Justice Pfeifer, in his majority decision wrote, “prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons helps maintain an orderly and safe society”. No statistics will bear this out.
Men, the stronger of the species, commit rape. Women, the weaker of the species get raped. Interesting isn’t it that the four male justices voted against concealed-carry and two female justices voted to allow it.

Now is the time for women and all gun owners to make your voice heard. Write, e-mail, phone your Ohio Representative, Senator, and Governor Taft telling them you want a concealed-carry law now, with no unrealistic restrictions.

John J. Myers

Published 10.01.03 in the Portsmouth Daily Times.

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