Tips for Terminating the Second Amendment

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on the website for Texas Fish & Game. Republished with permission.

by Dustin Ellermann

To terminate the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, you would have to work slowly, by eroding the traditions and values that founded this great country.

You would need to use news media to ignore positive uses of firearms, and only highlight tragedies of crime, exaggerate “gun” violence, and misrepresent facts.

You would need to dub scary looking firearms as “assault weapons” simply for cosmetic differences and push for bans without any factual data for crime use.

You would need to argue that the Second Amendment was only intended for the government and military, even though all the Amendments were ratified for “the people” to protect them from the government.

You would try to limit the Second Amendment to “muskets and weapons circa 1776″. Just as First Speech is limited to the quill tipped pen and doesn’t extend to TV, press, radio and internet… (yes, another joke)

You would ignore original intent and call for bans on anything that isn’t used for “traditional hunting”, for “nobody needs a 30 round magazine!”

You would start a soft gun registration system but call it a National Instant Criminal Background System.

You would have to take away the notion of personal responsibility, instead blame inanimate objects.

You would create loosely defined phrases such as “assault weapons” in hopes that uninformed masses confuse it’s terminology with already banned and heavy regulated “assault rifles”.

You would use the mainstream media to falsely proclaim already banned and illegal firearms and “heavy weapons” are unregulated and unrestricted in calling for “more gun laws!”

You would fill the public’s mind with errant statements as “common sense gun laws” and “gun show loopholes”, when in fact, there is no such thing.

You would need to demonize gun owners, make them looks like crazy nuts instead of responsible patriots.

You would ban importation of thousands of collectable historic firearms such as the M1 Carbine with the delusional excuse of “They will end up on the streets!”.

You would illegally send firearms to bordering nations, wait for them to be used in crimes, then cry “See! We need to ban guns!”

You would try to use backdoor legislation such as UN Treaties on the premise of “small arms importation” as a way to control private ownership of citizen’s arms and ammunition.

You would attempt to make ammunition difficult to purchase, banning all mail order and online sales, requiring photo ID’s and reporting volume purchases to the government.

You would take the most out of tragic crimes to enact knee-jerk legislation to ban the sale and ownership of ammunition, components, magazines, “assault weapons” and anything else you wish. Heck, you might even consider staging certain events yourself.

You would never stop. Nor will we.


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