Tony Gordon Memorial 'Defense' Walk ''the most emotional of them all''

This 'Defense' Walk was special. It wasn't about cameras or quotes. It wasn't about crowd size or soundbites. It wasn't about the Supreme Court or Republican double-speak.

Instead, this Walk was solely focused on the hundreds of victims of violence in our state whose circumstances could have turned out far differently if a concealed carry law had been in effect when they were attacked.

The average Walker drove 114 miles to attend the event, making them anything but average rights supporters. They came to honor a young hero, and they were joined by that hero's family.

On this Sunday, October 19, the family of James A. "Tony" Gordon came to Senate President Doug White's hometown of Manchester to honor their 27 year-old son, father, brother and uncle Tony, and to send a message to President White, who declined an invitation to attend.

Tony was shot by a carjacker in August when he attempted to "drive away" after being attacked in his hometown of Dayton. "Driving away" is the method of self-defense advised by the Ohio State Highway Patrol to motorists, in leu of carrying a firearm for their defense and security. Tony's 13-year-old nephew was a passenger in the car when he was attacked, and lockbox language inserted by Senate leadership at Taft's request would have prevented Tony from being armed, even if the Senate's version of House Bill 12 had been law at the time.

Tony's family wore t-shirts with Tony's picture. Organizer Rick Jones told participants about Tony's life - his hopes, dreams, hobbies - and about the senseless tragedy that stole it away. It was an emotional day for all involved.

Manchester Chief of Police Randy Walters led the column of patriots, along-side Walk organizer Rick Jones, and Tony's father James Gordon, on a walk through the cool autumn air of a town that is over 200 years old, whose streets were likely graced by some of the very first American patriots.

These Walkers not only donated their time and effort to attend, they passed a collection jar and donated money to the Tony Gordon Memorial Fund. To do the same, click on Tony's photo now (for online donations). Checks should be made out to the "Tony Gordon Memorial Fund" and may be deposited at any Fifth Third Bank location, mailed to: Fifth Third Bank,
5790 Springboro Pike, Dayton, OH 45449, or to Ohioans For Concealed Carry (OFCC), P.O. Box 25488 - Cleveland, Ohio 44125.

The Gordon family expressed "great gratitude" for the Walk being held in Tony's memory. Tony's mother Phyllis has expressed her thanks by saying "I would like to thank all of the people who have been so kind to me in this terrible time of my life! I loved my son so very much and will always have this big empty hole in my heart. I also would urge everyone who believes that we have the right to carry a weapon to defend ourselves, such as in the situation that my son was put in, to please contact your congressmen and let them know how you feel! Maybe if Tony was able to have a weapon, he would be here now!"

To learn more about Tony's victimization, and heroic efforts to protect his
nephew, click here.

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