Gun found in Ohio teacher's car (Oh, My!)

by Chad D. Baus

WTOV (NBC Steubenville-Wheeling) is reporting that a teacher is facing disciplinary action after a gun was found in her car at Swills Hills Career Center.

From the article:

"Evidently, a teacher had left their hunting gun in their vehicle, and we immediately contacted the sheriff's office, and the sheriff's deputy went and immediately took the firearm into his possession," [Switzerland of Ohio Superintendent Larry] Elliott said.

Students were planning to do maintenance on the car, Elliott said, and that is when the teacher informed them that a gun, which was in a case, was inside the vehicle.

According to Elliott, the teacher has been at the school since 1999 and does not have a disciplinary record.

Elliott said he does not believe anyone was in danger of harm, because the gun did not leave the vehicle and because school officials acted quickly. Still, Elliott said, disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher.

"It is very serious. We take it very serious -- the safety of our students and staff. And there's the expectation that the students will come to a gun-free and weapon-free school to receive their education, so even though it was an oversight by the teacher, it does have serious ramifications," Elliott said.

He said the teacher was put on paid leave immediately, but she is now back in the classroom. The school board will meet with legal counsel to decide how the issue will be dealt with, Elliott said.

There was once a day - and not all that long ago - when it was perfectly normal during deer season for teachers and students to take their shotguns into the principal's office after morning hunting, and pick them up after school. Several members of BFA's leadership team used to engage in this practice. One even says he recalls taking his gun to school so he could hunt behind the school after classes let out!

Guns in schools do not automatically equal a dangerous situation, and someone needs to inform Superintendent Elliott that no matter how many gun control laws are passed, and no matter how many security measures are taken or lock-down drills are practiced, no one can guarantee "that the students will come to a gun-free and weapon-free school to receive their education." This reality has been born out too many times in recent years, even as more and more gun control laws are passed, each time with promises that this will stop the bloodshed.

It is high time we start focusing on the problems causing the violence these misguided laws are intended to prevent instead of focusing on the tools that are being misused by a few miscreants.

Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Vice Chairman.

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