Ex-sheriff says there is precedent for fighting federal gun laws

The following article was originally published by The Lima News. Republished with permission.

by Bob Blake

Don't like the gun control measures being sought by President Barack Obama? Think there's nothing that can be done about it? Think again. That's the message a former Arizona sheriff is bringing to people nationwide.

Sheriff Richard Mack knows a thing or two about what it takes. After the Brady bill was signed into law during Bill Clinton's presidency, Mack sued the Clinton administration claiming the federal government had overstepped its bounds. The case found its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where Mack won.

"There"s still hope and local sovereignty, state sovereignty, state's rights is the solution. We've got to have local officials that tell the federal government there's just a few things you're not going to do here," Mack said. "If we have local officials, sheriffs and state representatives and governors nullifying what the federal government is doing it's all proper, it's all constitutional, and it is completely in line with state sovereignty and the 10th Amendment.

"The 10th Amendment guarantees this process that we're about today. Acting on the powers of the states we can keep this movement peaceful and effective and put the federal government back where they belong."

Mack was the keynote speaker Saturday during a daylong event at American Legion Post 571 in Maria Stein that focused on the issue. Mack said he's encouraged by local officials, including Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey, Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon, Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish and Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman, who have said they will not enforce the Obama administration initiatives.

"I never thought I'd see the day that this was actually happening, especially to this extent. We've always had some sheriffs standing here and there," Mack said. "This has been happening before but it's always been spotty. It's never been this unified as it is right now.

"I'm proud of these men and women that wear the sheriff's badge that are standing now and doing something that is so American and so patriotic. We're right now in the most crucial time of American history since the Civil War and we have local officials especially sheriffs that know and understand their duty to stand for freedom. I love it."

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