Join our fight with Mayor Bloomberg in Colorado! [LIVE UPDATES]

As you may know, Colorado will have a recall election on September 10 to remove two anti-gun senators from office.

While Buckeye Firearms Association generally focuses on Ohio, this particular election involves New York City Mayor Bloomberg and could have national repercussions. Three BFA leaders have traveled to Colorado to help lead the fight. And you can be part of the battle as well.

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See below for updates from Colorado.

Here's the situation:

Democrats in the state of Colorado are being influenced (or more accurately, herded like sheep) by anti-gun outside forces, including unrelenting control freak, Bloomberg. They recently passed a sweeping package of ill-conceived gun and ammo control measures, including radically expanded so-called "universal" background checks and absurd ammunition restrictions.

The two senators facing recall are Democrat legislator and state Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron. These two legislators won office claiming to be "moderate" on gun rights, but have proven themselves to be two-faced on the issue, selling out to New York anti-gun special interests, changing rules to prevent pro-gun residents from voicing their opinion, and driving away firearm businesses.

Magpul Industries is just one example of good businesses who are being forced to abandon the state. Magpul is taking with them 600 jobs and $85 million in state spending.

To give you an idea just how radical these two legislators really are, Morse proposed making firearm owners, sellers, and manufacturers legally liable for any crimes committed with guns, an extreme measure backed (of course) by Bloomberg. Morse and supporters were eventually forced to back down, but this shows you what's at stake in Colorado.

We need donors and volunteers:

Bloomberg is spending $350,000 to keep these turncoats in office. Many other outside forces are also getting involved. As usual, they don't have any grassroots support to speak of. All they have is money and the fervent belief that voters are stupid and easily fooled by deceptive political advertising.

Three of our leaders, Ken Hanson, Sean Maloney, and Linda Walker, will travel to Colorado September 2 through 9 and work with the NRA and local grassroots groups to run a "get out the vote" campaign. Unlike most elections in Colorado, where residents can mail in their votes, this recall election requires voters to show up at the polls. So we believe it's less about money than enthusiasm and hard work.

We need about $7,000 to pay for airfare, lodging, car rental, gas, meals, and miscellaneous other expenses over the 8-day period.

While billionaire Bloomberg can pony up $350,000 without putting a dent in his bottomless wallet, all we're asking from you is $10. You can donate more if you like ... $50 or $25 would be highly appreciated. But we think we can get the job done with $10 if we can get enough people to help.

You can make a one-time donation or you can become a Buckeye Defender with a regular, automatic monthly donation of $5 or more.

We also need volunteers to make phone calls to alert Colorado gun owners to the importance of this special election and encourage them to get to the polls.

CLICK HERE to volunteer. We'll give you instructions, phone numbers, and a phone script.

Why this is important:

It's only on very rare occasions that we venture out of the Buckeye State, and when we do, it's for very good reasons. Colorado is over a thousand miles away, but this special election will affect the gun rights of everyone in the country, including all of us here in Ohio.

Why? Because Bloomberg's strategy is to reach out from his perch in New York City and establish anti-gun strongholds in key states by pumping in money, setting up paid political activists, and subverting the will of locals by changing the course of elections and stuffing legislatures with lackeys who will do his bidding.

If Bloomberg is allowed to go unchallenged, he will repeat this formula to assert his will in state after state. To those who value liberty, he is the most dangerous man in America.

To quote Mike Adams writing at InfoWars, "The ultimate dream of people like Bloomberg is to have a nation of obedient slave workers who are completely disarmed, silenced into submission, and completely stripped of all rights granted under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All citizens are presumed to be guilty criminals while all government officials are presumed to be wise and all-powerful."

This is a historic election. Morse and Giron are the first two legislators to be subject to a recall in Colorado's 137 year history. We need to win this battle and send a message that gun owners will not lay down and allow tyrants like Bloomberg to roll over our rights and freedoms. We will all stand together and fight them head on.

CLICK HERE to volunteer to make phone calls to Colorado gun owners.


Ken, Sean, and Linda will be filing regular reports from Colorado so you can follow their activities. Watch our website for daily updates.

- - - - - -

Labor Day, September 2, 6:45pm EST:

Freedom Fighter's Diary, day 1 (by Ken Hanson)

Successfully inserted just inside enemy lines via air at 1045 hours local time. Attempted to immediately exfiltrate the landing zone but was unable to secure my gear, which was dropped by the same aircraft but inexplicably took 40 minutes longer to hit the ground.

Immediately foraged for indigenous clothing in an attempt to blend in with the locals. Quickly abandoned the effort. Despite decades of high-level training as a political operative, I'd never be able to pass as a fan of NFL football.

Having finally secured my gear, I began the hike to my local transportation asset and travel to my area of operations. As I started to become light-headed and breathless, my well-tuned senses screamed out something was wrong. Pausing, I realized that not only had this tyrannical regime imposed Draconian gun control laws, but they also managed to remove about half the oxygen from the air. The fiends.

Despite numerous assurances that local transportation would await me upon insertion, I found that I would have to travel approximately 10 miles from my landing zone to reach it. I inserted into local mass transit without arousing notice from the authorities, and I was eventually dropped off rendezvous with my transportation asset contact.

After assuring my local contacts that I had my own insurance, did not want to upgrade two classes, that I was capable of filling the gas tank myself and that I promised not to smoke or have dogs in the car, or smoking dogs, I can't remember which as I was loopy from oxygen deprivation, I set out to establish a local base of operations.

1345 hours local time I reached my assigned area of operations and engaged shelter from a local hostel. I grabbed the remote and began to monitor local signals to see if I could intercept any communications from the enemy, but ended up falling asleep instead.

Tomorrow I set out to make contact with the local underground resistance.

- - - - - -

September 2, 9:03pm EST:

by Sean Maloney

Just checked into Hotel Room. Knocked on 100 doors or so, visited those who signed the recall petition, that were on the lists and there neighbors. Since I was there I knocked on every door. Passed out voting location information, and the NRA Educational piece.

Since I have been sitting here I have heard at lest 5 NRA radio commercials.

Everyone I came in contact with were great people, I was well received. Everyone was thankful for our help, many people said we "heard you were coming." I dropped lit off with one gentleman, then walked buy on the way back to my car, and this little old man was holding court in driveway, telling his neighbors why they should vote and why they should call their friends and tell them too.

I stopped to visit Paradise Sales, a FFL in the heart of Colorado Springs. The owner said the NRA said I would be coming. He was very grateful and told me voters got lazy and let this happen.

They had a large selection of AR sporting platform rifles for sale. All of them with no magazines! Since the ban they have been waiting for 10 round magazines. A row of AR's with no magazines.

Stopped into the Recall office/NRA Campaign field office. They had a phone bank going when I arrived around noon. Dennis had everything ready for me, didn't miss a beat. Landed in Denver at 10:10; picked up my rental; drove to Colorado Springs; talked to Dennis; he provided me with everything I needed and I was knocking on doors by 1:00!

Haven't met Laura or Tamra yet.

I am going to all of the FFL's tomorrow morning an then start hitting the clubs.

- - - - - -

September 3, 10:45am EST:

by Sean Maloney

As an update, I got up early and I found a coffee shop and started conversations with locals, sporting my news BFA polo helped as a conversation starter. Someone just read the Ammoland article that Dean wrote and he was fired up ready to fight.

I am traveling from gun-store to gun-store in the morning and then doing some door to doors. Doors to doors have been productive, I have a list of people in each precinct that signed the recall petition, and when I make contact with one, I take the time to chat with them and ask about their neighbors. Several times we have had group discussions with neighbors in their driveways.

I plan on coordinating volunteers to pass out literature at the High School Football Game this Friday, there is a HS in Morse's district. A great way to remind people that voting starts September 5.

Here is a list of GOTV rallies:

These meetings are absolutely free and dinner will be provided. Please encourage your fellow NRA members in Colorado to attend.

Here are the details:

Tuesday September 3rd, 2013
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Pueblo Freedom and Rights Office
127 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81003

Wednesday September 4th, 2013
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Blucore Shooting Center
7860 West Jewell Ave.
Lakewood, CO, 80232

Thursday September 5th, 2013
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition at VFW Post 4051
430 E Pikes Peak Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
719-546-0004 ext 1322

To register for one of these free events, please click here, or call the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division at (800) 392-VOTE (8683).

If you wish to contact your NRA-ILA Grassroots Coordinator Robert Melvin, with questions, please contact him at 703-267-1195 or [email protected]

You may also contact your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative, Dennis Rhodes (Colorado Springs and Pueblo), at [email protected], or via phone at 720-549-0021 to volunteer and assist with our mutual efforts.

That is all for now going to start visiting FFL's.

- - - - - -

September 3, 3:54pm EST:

by Sean Maloney

Hey fellow freedom fighters. Door to door since 9. FFL's for the next few hours, then Pueblo for a rally. Talked to Ken earlier he is well, knee deep in the recall. Keep the home fire burning..

- - - - - -

September 3, 6:57pm EST:

Freedom Fighter's Diary, day 2 (by Ken Hanson)

My area of operations is Pueblo, Colorado. "Pueblo" is Spanish for "Bet you didn't think it could be this blazing hot at the foot of the Rocky Mountains." I awoke to a bracing, nutritious breakfast provided by the Springhill of Marriot hostel. I immediately set out to make contact with the local underground resistance freedom fighters.

Based upon prior intel, I set out for the Pueblo Freedom and Rights Center.

Upon arrival, I warmly greeted my fellow freedom fighters and introduced myself as a volunteer from Buckeye Firearms Association, air-dropped in to help fight the recall election battle. The local freedom fighters were momentarily overwhelmed. Finally, one of them spoke up.

"What the hell is a 'Buckeye?'"

Sensing their obvious confusion, I replied:

A Buckeye is a hardwood fruit tree commonly named the Ohio Buckeye. The seed of the fruit is a hard shelled, dense, pretty poisonous orb about a half inch in diameter. A Buckeye is also a candy treat consisting of peanut butter mixed with confectioner's sugar and dipped almost, but not quite entirely, into molten chocolate in order to resemble the seed of this Ohio Buckeye tree. This candy treat is served almost always during NCAA football season and near Christmas. Given how closely associated Ohio is with the Buckeye, we typically call any Ohio organization 'Buckeye' versus 'Ohio.'

The questioner continued, "So, you are from Ohio, and you claim to be here to work on the recall campaigns?" Without hesitation, I stared him in the eye and said "Yes sir, Buckeye Firearms has sent three of us here to assist in any way possible."

Still confused, the local resistance movement consulted for a few moments, and then the same questioner asked "And Ohio people deliberately make a candy treat that resembles a poisonous tree nut?" I saw my opening, "No sir, that would be crazy. The Buckeye is a semi-poisonous fruit-tree seed, not a tree nut. And the candy treat is almost always next to a green bean casserole to set it apart from the deadly fruit tree seed."

The freedom fighters retired to deliberate upon my response. After about 10 minutes, they came back. "So, seriously, some group from Ohio, named after a slightly deadly seed or nut, has flown three of you out here to help us fight for the recall campaigns?"

"Yes sir, because our group believes, no matter when, where or how, it is a sacred obligation to kick Mayor Bloomberg in the balls at every opportunity."

I could see I had earned their trust.

- - - - - -

September 4, 10:59am EST:

by Sean Maloney

Things went well again yesterday. From 9:00 am until around 1:30 Zach and I went door to door. We finished 3 walking lists, and I met a lot of people on the way who all assured me they were going to turn out and bring their friends.

Early in the afternoon I continued to visit shooting ranges and FFLs. The FFLs were excited that I was there. I shared what NRA gear I had - mostly hats and bumper stickers, and chatted with them awhile. They are scared, and admitted they took their rights for granted, but were relieved that the NRA was in town, and ecstatic that BFA would send help. Everyone is astonished by our presence, and even more thankful, once I would explain why I was in CO.

I left BFA cards and told them to log onto the website to stay up to date on everything!

From the ranges we headed to Pueblo for the rally. Once I arrived in Pueblo, since I was a little early I visited some FFLs. The first I visited had been heavily involved in the fight. He shared stories of how he was not allowed to speak at town hall, how the locations of the meetings were repeatedly changed and how, on one occasion, over 300 pro 2A supporters were not allowed in a meeting. They chanted "let us in," and the police arrived and threatened arrest.

The owner gave me a great tip that I shared with everyone - this Friday night' football game is the biggest, oldest high school rivalry in the state, and 11,000 people attend every year. What a great place to have a presence - to be there wearing shirts holding signs. Such events always work out great in Ohio, but unless it's free popcorn I don't hand anything out because they just toss it. But to be there with a presence is worth the hour.

Once at the rally I sat and chatted with the attendees and thanked them for coming and held one-on-one get-out-the-vote meetings with them. They mentioned that they had polling information that showed them 17 points in the lead. I don't believe that and I never would have told my volunteers that going into the last few days of the campaign.

I chatted with with one gentleman who felt that the NRA was a little late to the party. After 15 minutes I recruited him as an EVC. I spoke with him again after he met with Miranda et al and he was very excited at the opportunity to help.

I was wearing my BFA shirt which prompted great discussions. I got the feeling everyone I spoke too were wishing they had a BFA.

The rally was a good one. I say that after I spoke for another hour with groups of people after it was over. They wished they could of heard more from the NRA, along with Ken and I.

They were relieved when Ken informed them of our telephone bank.

Ken can affirm, these people have no campaign experience at all, but despite that their loyalty and passion is carrying them through. If Ken was in Pueblo two months ago, or even two weeks ago, things would be dramatically different. Not that they are bad now.

They rented the office space right beside Bloomberg's office, signage and the presence dwarfs the antis and makes them a joke. That was really funny, I will try to get a picture.

Laura asked me to attend a rally in CS at noon. Should have dozens of Sheriffs attending and speaking. I will be there with the NRA handouts. It is a good feeling to have law enforcement with us. I was stopped by Colorado Springs police officer, while going door to door. I was wearing a very distinguishable NRA Shirt. I thought there may have been a complaint. He asked me if I wanted some water, and inquired into how things were going. He said the department is on our side.

More later.

- - - - - -

September 4, 3:03pm EST:

Freedom Fighter's Diary, day 3 (by Ken Hanson)

Reinforcements, in the form of Linda Walker (BFA), will arrive today via air insertion. Three days into the operation, our only casualty is my sunglasses, which I left on the ticket counter when I checked in for my own air transportation on Monday. So our presence will increase by 50% today and our only loss is my sunglasses.

Last night I met fellow freedom fighters Sean (BFA), Miranda (NRA) and Dennis (NRA) at a clandestine meeting of the local resistance fighters. Several of the partisans expressed their fear that opposition forces were being inserted from Boulder. Fear not, freedom lovers. You, too, have support from outside.

Locals continue to be astounded that Ohio is sending reinforcements, and gave a 100% ovation when I announced Ohio volunteers were making phone calls to Colorado to rally the local partisans. Sean fired up the resistance, "We're here because if Bloomberg can do this in Colorado, tomorrow he can do it in Ohio." At one point the local resistance leader announced "What we are doing here today will buy Americans freedom for the next 20 years." There was not a dry eye in the room.

I have heard, repeatedly, of Pueblo West, spoken in hushed tones. Apparently we win the hearts and minds of Pueblo West, we win the campaign. Mission accepted. The local resistance has provided us with a list of sympathetic locals. This list was clandestinely passed on to Buckeye's Excel-foo warriors Pete and Brad, who will perform their black arts on the list and magically turn it into a resource to use in the battle for freedom.

Can a free and motivated public fight Bloomberg's tyrannical checkbook via phone calls and door knocking?

The world awaits the answer.

- - - - - -

September 5, 11:37am EST:

by Sean Maloney

Yesterday I started at a firearms superstore - over 2 thousand guns in stock, everything you can imagine. Before the law changed they stocked 6 thousand guns. Now I saw a long row of AR's without magazines!

I then stopped at a couple of shooting ranges passed out voter information and reminded everyone voting begins today! The word is getting out and things seem to pacing right, nobody is tired of hearing from us, and the folks I talk to are excited about the opportunity to make things in Colorado right.

At noon there was a rally in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs - the greatest collection of pro-civil rights sheriffs I have ever heard speak. These true patriots truly understand the right to keep and bear arms. They support and encourage the people to bear arms for the general welfare. They along with over 50 other Colorado sheriffs are suing CO over the gun laws enacted. El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa; Weld County Sheriff John Cooke; Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensminger; Douglas County Sheriff Dave Weaver; Gilpin County Sheriff Bruce Hartman; Cheyenne County Sheriff Ken Putnam. True defenders of freedom. Maketa is unreal!

This rally had over 100 present at noon on a work day - pretty impressive. At the event I was approached by a Washington Times reporter who heard I was from Ohio. He interviewed me concerning why I would leave Ohio in join a fight in CO, among other things. I was also approached by a gentleman that visits the web page often and sought me out to thank me for coming and to thank BFA for everything we do. He expressed that he was a proud NRA Life member, and was doing everything he could. He along with several others tried to give me cash to give to BFA and the NRA. I handed them cards with web addresses on them to enable the donations.

After the rally I visited several more fraternal organizations, and then met up with Linda Walker, who had just arrived from the airport. We met at the Recall Center in Colorado Springs, and I gave her a walking list, and she was off.

I continued my door to door campaign and then was asked to attend a rally in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver. The NRA packed the place, over flowing with people who were their to listen to the NRA and learn. Miranda; Dennis; Daniel . . . were great with the crowd, they recruited volunteers to travel to Colorado Springs; had them committed to calling people they new in the districts, and provided the information they need to continue to fight. I stood outside the back door with about 10-15 people who could not get into the facility. I translated a little of what they couldn't hear, talked to them about what our mission is, handed out Frontlines cards and signed most of them up. I again was handed money for the fight, but sent them inside to donate. I need an app on my cell phone to swipe to accept donations!

After returning to Colorado Springs it was late so I stopped into a local eatery that I was in the night before, and three people who I had met the night before were waiting for me. They approached me, introduced me to their friends and said "we hoped you would be back," I sat ate and chatted with them about what we all have to do. They realize what they lost, they apologized for letting it happen, and are very appreciative for the help to regain what they lost. A very sobering moment.

Every-time I meet people like that, the more it reinforces to me that our sacrifices are worth it; we are not alone in the fight; and when civil rights are at stake people want all the help from whomever and wherever they can get it.

Keep up the fight! Keep volunteering your time on the phones; keep giving giving us the tools to fight this battle.

I was informed me that under the new Colorado law, if I lived in Colorado and I was leaving town; and left my Glock 17 with my wife to protect her and the kids; my wife would be a felon for having my 17 round magazine and is obliged under the law to turn it in. Think about that.

- - - - - -

September 6, 12:22pm EST:

by Sean Maloney

It was a very busy day. 5 out of 7 of the polls opened with the final two opening on September 10. The morning started out with a continuation of my door to door campaign. Along with my team Linda Walker hooked up with a 5 member team who worked all day.

The mood is good, of course all of the rumors related to turn out are starting to swirl. I saw a piece of opposition literature for the first time. I am aware of the fact that the oppositions paid volunteers have arrived. They pop up from time to time at a polling location or stand in front of Recall HQ with their signs. How do you make a member of the paid opposition pack it in? Ask them a question any question, which prompts the response "I'm not going to get into a debate with you," to which I respond that's good, I just want to have conversation with you, maybe you can explain to me how a universal background check is going to make us safer? And then they roll up their banners and disappear.

The hotel lobby is full of people with "elephant" gear - must be the GOP has arrived.

At 7:00 I attended a rally at a local VFW. It was a meeting of a local shooting club, the president of which was one of the original recall petitioners. Two of the original petitioners spoke, and Sheriff Meketa spoke. I managed to record the Sheriffs presentation along with the NRA-ILA's commercial he unveiled. Ginny Simone and the NRA did a great job on the piece.

Miranda et al. put on another outstanding event. The presence of the NRA in times like these energizes its members and all those in attendance. NRA-ILA Grassroots efforts get better every time. The impact is immediate, and this time was felt by the people who needed it most.

The sheriffs of Colorado have dedicated themselves to protecting the liberties under attack. 55 county sheriffs have filed suit, against the constitutionality of the laws, and have let it be known that they will not violate the peoples constitutional rights, they are sworn to protect. Sheriff Meketa and his fellow sheriffs are standing between the tyranny of government and the People of Colorado.

It is evident that the people of Colorado are humbled by our presence. Interestingly, one of the three original petitioners of the recall, in Colorado Springs, related to me that he had donated to Ohio pro gun candidates before in the past. He never imagined that the return for his good deed would come in the form of Buckeye Firearms Association, and the NRA. Any sacrifices, efforts, and money expended on the behalf of restoring the Constitutional rights of Coloradans have been repaid by their gratitude alone.

People seek me out, to personally thank me, for your efforts. If they could they would personally thank each of you who have helped, whether through monetary donations; phone calls; emails, and everything we all do. For many this is their darkest hour, and our support will never be forgotten.

Thanks for everything. Now that the polls are open, you can feel the buzz.

- - - - - -

September 6, 12:57pm EST:

by Linda Walker

My infiltration into ground zero of the fight against Bloomberg began on Wednesday afternoon. My flight into the giant-sized airport at Denver was uneventful...and that's the way we like it. Picked up my rental car at Enterprise and the lady there asked me if I was there on business. Explained our mission and she looked puzzled. There's a recall election? Why? Oh my... That seemed to be the response anywhere outside the districts.

On my trip down to Colorado Springs (oh yes, speed limit is 75 mph) I got off an exit to reset my GPS. It was this exit that New Life Church sits. This is the church that an active killer open fired on the masses in Dec. 2007. I talk about this church shooting when I instruct concealed carry classes. I had no intentions of seeking out this church when I came to Colorado. Perhaps God lead me there to remind me of the mission that Sean, Ken and I were sent on.

After checking into home base named Microtel, I proceeded to the recall operations office. Ran into Sean there, he passed me a door to door list and away I went. Canvassed the downtown area of Colorado Springs. What a beautiful city! Got a scoop of the lay of the land.

Thursday brought new adventures. Checked into the recall office and met several of the good folks there in for the fight. Americans For Prosperity, NRA and several grassroots organizations are sharing the space. Lots of gratitude that BFA has landed and there to help with the good fight. I told them to put me to work. They put me with a door to door crew that are paid to do this. I joined team leader Aaron, another couple both retired from the Air National Guard, and two young guys. Our group of six hit 800 doors. This same group with an additional 3 people hit 1300 the day prior. Combine the altitude, out of shape gal from Ohio, the heat and miles and miles of walking....well they darn near killed me! I was hoping BFA supporters would take mercy upon my soul and be willing to ship my dead body back to Columbus!

John Popp, producer from NRA News called me and wanted to talk to someone at the recall office. NRA News will be infiltrating ground zero the beginning of next week.

After refreshing, off I went to a Second Amendment club's monthly meeting for the evening at the local VFW. NRA helped host the event with food and several of their staff addressed the crowd of around 150 fired up patriots! Paul, the president of the club, welcomed everyone first, gave updates on the campaigns, how people could help, and then he introduced the county sheriff. Oh my goodness, what an awesome guy! Fifty-five of the sixty-one county sheriffs have joined together to sue the Colorado government on the grounds that the anti-gun legislation that has passed is against the Constitution and they will not enforce it! Next, the gentleman who will be elected should John Morse be shown to the curb on Sept. 10, addressed the crowd. He seems to be well loved!

Of course, I've never seen a microphone I didn't like, so I asked Paul if I could infiltrate the agenda for the evening to address the crowd. Sean and I had already been acknowledged and thanked by the crowds. They knew about us being there.

I explained the reasons why BFA was spending the money to send Ken, Sean and I there and the importance not only to their state but all of the others. I thanked them for taking matters into their own hands, pushing through the first recall elections in the history of their state and that Buckeye Firearms Association will help those who are willing to help themselves. I explained about the Mayors Against All Guns (let's please call them what they are!) rally last Friday in Columbus and how gun rights supporters took that 5 person anti-gun rally and turned it into a 100+ person pro-gun rally. They loved it!!! Several had heard about it and I had numerous people tell me they'd seen the interviews I'd done.

I walked away from there last night feeling very satisfied. The people here are SO grateful for BFA's and Ohio's involvement here. They appreciate that Ohioans are making phone calls to help them. I think they find it overwhelming that Ohioan's ROCK!

Although I have not met any of them yet, I've been told there is a contingent of 13 legislative aides from Missouri here as well to help on the recalls.

- - - - - -

September 8, 12:22pm EST:

by Sean Maloney

Saturday was an interesting day at the polls. People appearing to vote at District 11, Morse district were permitted to vote because they had the intention of moving into the district! More about that later.

Started the day at Recall HQ helping pass out campaign material to the over 100 women who were hitting the neighborhoods going door to door to get out the vote. Women of Colorado take the interference with their right to protect themselves seriously. Watching over 100 women dressed alike in campaign tees disperse throughout the city, was a pretty awesome site.

After that I loaded up with ice and water and hit the polling locations. The first one I stayed out for a couple of hours, it was a very busy poll, and I enjoyed speaking to Coloradans as they voted to recall the tyranny of their government.

One thing again, became immediately apparent, was the hate that is consistently spewed by those who disagree with this constitutional undertaking. I stood beside the opposition on many occasions, and by myself. I never heard one disparaging remark uttered by a person in support of the recall. However, on a consistent basis those in opposition to the recall hurled some very disturbing, vile remarks my way. It's good to be an American, even when the First Amendment is openly celebrated and the Second Amendment must be consistently defended and fought for.

After a few hours and more than enough help arrived, I traveled from poll to poll and passed out water to our poll workers. It was a very hot and humid day by Colorado standards, 95 degrees and measurable humidity. When I delivered water to a poll worker, near the Colorado Springs airport voting location, I learned that she had been there waving her "Recall Morse" sign for over five hours. Bloomberg's money can't buy that kind of passion.

The recall effort is in high gear, with no signs of letting up. They have been going at this for months now, their energy and dedication is rarely seen! It is easy to make sacrifices for those that have earned more than you can ever repay.

All that is left is for me to clean the campaign materials out of my van, and drop of a few remaining signs off at a couple of locations I didn't get to yesterday.

Polls reopen on Monday, my time and work here is mostly done. I pray we made a difference. September 10th we will know the results.

Thank you to everyone who supported this Colorado recall election.

- - - - - -

September 8, 8:53pm EST:

by Linda Walker

I returned back to home base today from Colorado Springs but just barely as when I arrived at Denver airport this morning, they over booked my nonstop flight back to Columbus. I eventually did get the last seat on the plane. Denver airport is massive in size!

The Wi-Fi connections at home base Microtel were non-existant for my laptop, so the delay in reporting.

I visited many gun stores while out there over the course of a few days. Made sure they were stocked or replenished with NRA-ILA gear and had good conversation with both the employees and with customers. Some were oblivious to the fact that there was a recall election. One of my most favorite visits was at Whistling Pines Gun Club. This is a state of the art indoor range and gun store. When I looked into the range, it was ALL women shooting. I introduced myself to the gun counter employee and we had good conversation. He said that instructor Nikki Carroll was instructing the ladies in "NRA First Steps for Women." Never missing an opportunity to talk to ladies about guns, I introduced myself to the ladies and Nikki and was very welcomed. I had the opportunity to chat about how I became involved in the 2A issue and how they can too. This was a great opportunity to touch several women at one time about the Second Amendment.

What I experienced in Colorado with this recall election was grassroots at its finest. The people were fed up with having their rights trampled and they decided to fight back rather than rest on their laurels. This is the only recall election in the history of Colorado. The numbers they got on petitions were staggering. Of all the petitions signed in Giron's district, 99% were valid. The numbers needed in Morse's district were 2-3 times the amount needed to get it on the ballot. These people have worked hard for several months to get to Tuesday's vote and they never gave up.

For Buckeye Firearms Association to have stepped in to help this state fight for their rights is impressive. It's not all about that Sean, Ken and I went there, but here on the home front we had supporters step up to the plate to make thousands of phone calls, our supporters have answered the plea when we asked for donations to fund this effort, and I'm sure many have kept Coloradoan's in their prayers as they go into this battle. I am forever grateful to BFA supporters because we have the best ones in the world!! Thank you to them! Know that you HAVE made a difference!

- - - - - -

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Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending and advancing the right of citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities, including self-defense, hunting, competition, and recreation. Read more.