Double Murder Suspect Scott Eizember Captured in CCW Licensee

November 24, 2003
Oklahoma's NewsChannel 8, KTUL

Lufkin, TX - There is new information about the events that led to the capture of double murder supsect Scott Eizember. Eizember is in a Texas hospital recovering from four gunshot wounds that came from a gun concealed by one of his alleged kidnapping victims.

Authorities with the Angelina County Sheriff's Department say they received a 911 call at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday night. The caller said a man and woman, now identified as Dr. Samuel Peebles and his wife Suzanne, came to his residence bleeding and needing help. The couple told the man they had stopped to help a stranded motorist in Arkansas and that he had displayed a gun and forced them to drive south.

The Peebles did not know the man was Eizember.

While driving through Angelina County, the Peebles convinced Eizember to allow them to use the restroom. That's when an altercation ensued between Dr. Peebles and Eizember at which point Eizember was shot four times. Dr. Peebles had been able to recover a handgun that was concealed in the minivan.

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Eizember assaulted both Samuel and Suzanne Peebles before taking off in their van. He attempted to get help for his wounds at a grocery store, but an employee of the store called the Corrigan, Texas police department to report a man with gunshot wounds and carrying a weapon inside the store.

Authorities from Corrigan and Polk County were able to get a description of the minivan and eventually stopped Eizember, who told them he had been shot by an unknown assailant while his vehicle was stopped along the road.

Officers contacted paramedics, who treated Eizember at the scene. A pistol discovered by police was confiscated.

Eizember was transported to Memorial Hospital in Lufkin where he was treated for his wounds. It was at this point that it was learned of Eizember's identity and what had really happened.

The Peebles were transported to Lufkin Hospital where they are in stable condition.

It brings an end to the more than five week manhunt for Eizember, who faces two counts of first degree murder in the October 18th shooting deaths of A.J. and Patsy Cantrell of Depew.

He also faces one charge of shooting with intent to kill in the shooting of Tyler Montgomery and a charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in the beating of Montgomery's grandmother, Carla Wright.

In February, OSHP Superintendant Paul McClellan made the ridiculous statement that "there is no statistical or anecdotal evidence which supports that concealment and transportation of a weapon in a motor vehicle is effective or safe as a defensive or deterrent measure."

McClellan also claims that "because the fundamental nature of motor vehicles allows those who feel threatened to simply drive away, the argument that motorists need loaded concealed weapons is weak."

Perhaps the fact that the OSHP is much more familiar with general traffic laws than violent crimes (see: OSHP Activity Summary 1995-2002) gives reason for such ignorance of what is going on in our state. Then again, they could always read the newspaper:


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The "fundamental nature of a motor vehicle" did not allow Tony Gordon to "drive away" when attacked by a carjacker. Nor did it protect Ohioans like Antonio Ward, Jessie Mooneyham, Darius Thomas, Dana Oldham, or a large number of others from victimization this year. The OSHP is guilty of extreme negligence in advocating this strategy as Ohioans' only means of self-protection.

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