Carlos Hathcock

North Lawrence Fish & Game Club Carlos Hathcock Sniper Match - Sept. 25, 2022

During the Vietnam War, Carlos Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills of People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and Viet Cong personnel. In the Vietnam War, kills had to be confirmed by the sniper's spotter and a third party, who had to be an officer. Snipers often did not have a third-party present, making confirmation difficult, especially if the target was behind enemy lines, as was usually the case. Hathcock himself estimated that he had killed between 300 and 400 enemy personnel during the Vietnam War.

One of Hathcock's most famous accomplishments was shooting an enemy sniper through the enemy's own rifle scope, hitting him in the eye and killing him. Hathcock and John Roland Burke, his spotter, were stalking the enemy sniper in the jungle near Hill 55, the firebase from which Hathcock was operating, southwest of Da Nang. The sniper, known only as the "Cobra," had already killed several Marines and was believed to have been sent specifically to kill Hathcock. When Hathcock saw a glint off the enemy sniper's scope in the bushes, he fired at it, shooting through the scope and killing the sniper.

This match is named in his honor.

Sunday, September 25, 2022
Match will open at 8:30 a.m. Shooting will start at 9:00 a.m.

North Lawrence Fish & Game Club
15325 Lawmont St. North Lawrence, OH 44666

Open to Members. Affiliation with the CMP/NRA/NLFG is not Required. Advanced Entries are encouraged, but not required. Range has a capacity of 30 Competitors.
EMAIL [email protected] or TEXT 330-815-0917 for entry.

$30 for Members and $45 for non-Members. Proof of membership required.

The rifle must be a manually operated rifle of U.S. or foreign manufacture that was either an original military rifle issued for sniping in 1969 or earlier, or a commercial replica rifle of the same type and caliber.

DOWNLOAD sheet with complete information, including equipment, course of fire, and scoring.

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