Nothing could be done until......

By Jim Irvine

I sometimes watch a program on ER trauma on the
Discovery Health Channel. They covered a common situation of a woman who was brutally beaten and tortured by her ex-boyfriend. Police arrived before he killed her, but not before significant physical and emotional damage had occurred.

She had a restraining order against the man. She
had expressed concerns for her safety to police,
who could not do anything about her ex’s “strange
behavior.” Yet she knew she was in danger.

A doctor on the show lamented that “we accept
this type of behavior” in society. His reasoning
seemed to be that he sees it often enough that it
must be “acceptable.” If not, how could he see
such abuse of fellow human beings on a daily basis?

While the show is good at describing the treatment
of serious injuries, they gave no advice on how to
prevent it. An ounce of prevention is still
worth a pound of cure. Never did they recommend
women carry a gun to protect her life.

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I’ve noticed that when people are injured in car
accidents, they talk about seat belts. When
people die in fires, they talk about smoke
detectors. But when people are injured by other
people, it is rare for mainstream media to
mention personal firearms for security.

So called experts recommend women obtain a
restraining order. They order therapy and
discuss escape plans and recommend always letting family or friends know where you are going. All of that is good advice, but none will does not stop a criminal attack.

One does not get to choose when and where they
will be attacked. Rather the criminal gets to
choose his victim, and the setting. He will
choose a situation that benefits him. Survival
should not be left to chance. You must be
prepared, or you are simply counting on luck.

It is troubling that so many in the field of
“women’s health” refuse to acknowledge the
benefits of carrying a firearm for personal
protection. It’s also troubling that we as a
society do not demand better from them. A
firearm is not a panacea, and it is not a good
solution for every person, but every person being
counseled should be made aware of the benefits of carrying a gun.

If you are interested in learning to shoot but
don’t feel comfortable walking into your local
gun store, try enrolling in the NRA’s “Women on
” classes. Or contact one of us at the Buckeye Firearms Association. We will help you find an instructor that you are comfortable with.

Your life is too valuable to leave to
chance. Take steps today to insure you are prepared for a deadly encounter.

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