NRA and the Redemption of Congresswoman Pryce

by Linda Walker

Last Saturday, the NRA sponsored a "Mix and Mingle" in the central Ohio area. The purpose of the mix and mingle is to gather like minded grassroots individuals together, to help teach them how to become better grassroots volunteers, how to work on candidate campaigns and also to introduce the attendees to an NRA endorsed candidate. Katrina Ruminski and Ryan Irsik, both Grassroots Coordinators for the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division traveled from Alexandria, VA to be our hosts for the informative day.

The event was informative and well organized. Sadly, the attendance was smaller then expected. An ongoing issue due to the apparent complacency of some gun owners. Our hosts familiarized us with several federal pro gun bills the NRA is currently perusing.

Buckeye Firearms Leaders Rick Jones, Linda Walker, Steve Loos and volunteer Dave Rossman attended the workshop. Mr. Jones is also an NRA-EVC in District 6.

The guest speaker for the afternoon was US Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, US Congressional District 15. Rep. Pryce has earned an "A" rating from the NRA. She explained that in her 14 years in congress, she has voted in support of every pro-gun legislation that has reached her desk, with the exception of one...

Those gun owners with long memories will recall that Rep. Pryce voted for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. She readily admits, "I was young, I was green and I screwed up. I know I was wrong and have learned my lesson. I have worked hard since that vote to redeem myself with the gun owners." It was incredibly refreshing to hear a politician speak so candidly, confess to the error of her ways and demonstrate by her actions that she truly can be counted as a friend to gun owners.

According to Pryce, her opponent Mary Jo Kilroy "is so far to the left on gun issues, to the extreme that she makes the likes of anti gun house minority leader Nancy Pelosi look good".

With a closer-than-expected race, please make sure you inform as many gun owners as you can in the 15th Congressional District about Rep. Pryce's apology and decade of hard work for gun owners. Freedom-loving Americans can't afford another ally joining the anti-gun ranks of Hillary, Teddy, Kerry and the rest of the anti-gunners.

As a reminder of what the gun ban extremists are capable of, the NRA has launched a new web site -- -- with shocking video coverage, which was provided for our viewing, of New Orleans gun confiscations that you'll never see on ABC, CBS, or NBC. This site gives gun owners a stark and brutal reminder of why we must defend our firearm freedoms with passion and vigilance, in Congress, in the courts, on America's city streets, AND ON ELECTION DAY.

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