NRA notifies instructors of problems with 2009 NRA Basic Pistol, credits Ohio instructor for the fix

According to letter from NRA National Instructor Trainer John Howard to NRA certified instructors, the organization was mistaken in its initial believe that old basic pistol shooting course examiniations could be used with the newly revised Basic Pistol Handbook.

And the NRA is thanking an NRA Certified Instructor from Ohio for not only notifying them of changes, but also for submitting a detailed rewrite.

From the letter:

We messed up! In our attempt to meet print timelines, we assumed (yes I know) that we could go with the old basic pistol shooting course examination, when introducing the new handbook. NOT True!

We are thankful to Mr. Joe Matyas, NRA Certified Instructor in Ohio that not only pointed out the issues with the exam, but was quick to submit a rewrite, which included page number references for the answer key. Wow, what a relief, and what a help.

Everyday, I am thankful to be surrounded by "gun culture" folks like him, that are quick to lend a hand. It is refreshing when a fellow instructor can offer a solution in the same sentence that identifies the problem!

As I'm sure you pistol instructors are aware, although the old exam will work, when using the lesson plan and PowerPoint(r), the answers are not all in the handbook. The answers that are, may be worded a little more technically. So with Mr. Matyas' help, we were able to get a new exam up, with wording that matches the new handbook, and page number references in your answer keys.

We've placed the new exams on After you log in, you can click on the link to New 2009 Basic Pistol Shooting Course exam and print it off and make copies. We ask that you replace the student exams that come in the Basic Pistol Student packets until the current stock runs out, and (which will be fairly soon.). Once they are replaced "officially," we will remove the exam from the website. In addition, hopefully you are using the current Basic Pistol Shooting course outline and lesson plan, item 30700 of 5-09. Please click on the link to Basic Pistol Lesson Plan appendix 5 and replace pages A5-7 thru A5-18 with the new appendix.

We sincerely apologize for the hassle. PLEASE join us in giving a big hand to Joe Matyas in Ohio for his assistance!


John Howard
National Rifle Association of America
NRA National Instructor Trainer
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

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