NSSF Launches PSAs on Storing Firearms Securely in Vehicles

New informational videos offer important safety considerations to help responsible gun owners prevent theft and unauthorized access

NEWTOWN, Conn. – In two new video public service announcements, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® encourages gun owners to securely store their firearms when temporarily leaving them in vehicles.

Thefts of firearms from vehicles have risen in many parts of the country, but storing firearms securely and out of sight can help thwart thieves. NSSF® reminds gun owners that vehicle door locks, as well as the trunk or glove compartment, are vulnerable to entry—whereas a dedicated safe or lock box offers better protection of your firearm by presenting a more difficult, time-consuming challenge for thieves.

“No one wants their gun stolen from their vehicle and to live with the thought that it could be used in a crime,” said NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi. “If you must temporarily leave your firearm in a vehicle, we encourage you to use a secure storage device to keep it hidden from prying eyes and inaccessible to thieves. The new PSAs show the many storage devices available for use in vehicles, including custom models designed to fit into consoles and other places in your car.”

Watch and download the full-length PSA and 30-second PSA here. Messaging in the new videos complements NSSF’s Firearm Safety in Vehicles brochure, which covers a complete list of vehicle storage tips, including:

If you must temporarily store a gun in your car or truck, for your safety and that of your community, we encourage you to take steps to properly store them. Use a secure storage device, keep it out of sight, try not to be away from the vehicle for an extended length of time and, when you arrive home, take the firearm inside with you to your secure home storage area.

For more information on firearm safety, visit www.NSSF.org/safety and www.ProjectChildSafe.org.

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