NSSF Provides Free Videos to Help Educators Teach Firearm Safety and Conservation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has launched an online campaign offering free educational videos about firearm safety and wildlife conservation to teachers and school administrators across the country.

A longtime leader in promoting firearm safety and conservation education, NSSF is pleased to report that just several days into the campaign more than 4,500 DVDs have been ordered by educators, reflecting their strong interest in teaching students about these important subjects.

"We believe teachers and school administrators should teach students how to correctly respond if they encounter an unattended firearm. Students who understand what to do in such situations can potentially save lives," said Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, trade association for the firearms industry. "Thankfully, accidental firearms fatalities have dramatically declined to historic lows due to efforts like NSSF's firearm safety education programs."

Regarding conservation education, Sanetti said, "We have a generation of children who spend less time outdoors and who see more wildlife on television than in the wild. It's important that students today understand how once-endangered species such as white-tailed deer and wild turkey have been brought back to abundance through efforts funded by hunters."

The Firearm Safety DVD contains three videos, two designed for viewing by students in various grade levels and one for a general audience. The school videos show students how to make correct decisions when encountering a firearm in an unsupervised situation at school, at home or at a friend’s home. "McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety" is designed for viewing by students in grades K through 6. "It's Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns" is for students in grades 6 through 9. "Firearms Safety Depends on You" is for general audiences. Educators can watch the firearm safety videos online.

The Wildlife Conservation DVD features three videos that teach students about America's lauded wildlife management system and how hunters contribute the majority of funding to conservation. "Wildlife for Tomorrow" is for students in grades 4 to 7. "Un-endangered Species" is for grades 7 to 12. "What They Say About Hunting," a mock debate of pro- and anti-hunting viewpoints, is for students in grades 7 to 12. Educators can view the conservation videos online.

In addition to the videos, which were updated several years ago, each DVD contains guides and activity masters to assist teachers in fostering classroom discussions.

More than 100,000 schools across the country have received NSSF's educational videos. "Teachers using the videos have told us they deliver a valuable message for today's students," said Bill Brassard Jr., who oversees the video campaign as NSSF's director of communications. "Why not encourage teachers and administrators in your child's school to take advantage of these free educational resources?"

Learn more at http://www.nssf.org/education/video.cfm

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