OFCC Inc. vs Buckeye Firearms Association PAC et. al.

In 2005, this Political Action Committee (PAC) broadened our focus to address issues beyond concealed carry reform. To better reflect this expanded focus, the PAC chose to relinquish its "corporate sponsored" status and change its name from Ohioans For Concealed Carry PAC to Buckeye Firearms Association PAC. From public statements made by our former corporate sponsor, both on the Internet and directly to its members via newsletters, some of you are aware that the three officers who comprise OFCC Inc.'s Board of Directors were not supportive of our decision to change the name and broaden the focus of this PAC.

As Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association PAC, it has always been my desire to keep these past personality conflicts from affecting our goal of improving gun rights in Ohio. You deserve nothing less. Certain events this past year have made this a difficult endeavor.

In February 2006, I was notified that OFCC Inc. had filed a lawsuit against Buckeye Firearms Association as a whole and Chad Baus, Joe Eaton, Mary Friscone and myself as individuals. Several legislators and other key pro-gun supporters joined us in asking OFCC Inc. to drop the baseless attacks, but all requests were initially rebuffed. When it was inevitable that the lawsuit was going to move forward, Eaton, Friscone, Baus and I retained the legal services of James Ervin Jr. and Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Arnoff, LLP to defend ourselves and this organization.

In September, our attorneys responded with a request to have the case dismissed, because the accusations made in this lawsuit were absolutely baseless. We were expecting a favorable ruling from the court any day on our request to have the suit dismissed in its entirety. However, and thankfully, before the court's decision came, OFCC Inc. dismissed their entire lawsuit.

We are delighted that the suit has been withdrawn, and thank the OFCC Inc.'s Board of Directors for their decision. This action shows that they are putting the cause first. Our full hope has always been that all involved could continue working toward our common goal – defending your firearms rights. Last week's elections illustrate the importance of staying focused on our goals, the good that comes from strong relationships, and the cost of senseless infighting.

Looking forward to next year, we are excited to have the opportunity to continue working with OFCC Inc. and numerous other pro-gun groups at the Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) Gun Rights Policy Conference in Cincinnati, OH. The entire history of the SAF has proven that bringing like-minded grassroots groups together to discuss problems and solutions yields a coalition whose whole is greater than the sum of their parts.

It is important for all our supporters to understand that while the four individuals named in this suit have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees, NO Buckeye Firearms Association PAC money or donations have been spent on this suit. The mission of Buckeye Firearms Association PAC is to advance the rights of gun owners in Ohio. The resources donated to this PAC will continue to be used 100% for the education of voters and to support pro-gun candidates.

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC volunteers have worked hard to assure we have a strong pro-gun legislature to work with next session and we will now set about to see important legislation passed into law. Buckeye Firearms Association PAC's legislative goals include:

Passing statewide preemption.
Ensuring that honest gun owners are not made into criminals by senseless restrictions.
Elimination of "plain sight" restrictions for CHL's.
Passing "Castle Doctrine" or "Stand your ground" legislation.
Elimination of Victim Zones for CHL’s.
Promoting hunting and expanding the opportunity to more Ohioans
Providing a safe harbor for transport of firearms.
Defining a "loaded gun" as being a loaded gun, not a gun that could be loaded.
True Peaceable journey through school zones.
And many many others.

I also want to personally thank all of our donors and volunteers for your continuing support of this PAC and our goal of defending and advancing the rights of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities. Thanks to your efforts, we believe we are finally on the verge of passing truly good firearms legislation in Ohio.


Jim Irvine
Chairman, Buckeye Firearms Association PAC

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