Ohio firearms instructor offering free handgun & class to victims of violence

Perhaps the very best thing about pro-Second Amendment grassroots activists is that so many of them work out of a passion for the issue, and not to make a buck. While Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence director Toby Hoover is busy raking in over half a million dollars from the anti-gun Joyce Foundation in the name of gun control extremism, there are many other true grassroots volunteers in Ohio are making a far greater impact on people's lives. One such person is a firearms instructor named Randy Garcia.

Last spring, Randy Garcia announced that his company, Buckeye Firearms Training, LLC, would be offering a free handgun and training to a select number of women who have been victims of violence.

From May 2005 to May 2006, Garcia's company is providing a free handgun and concealed handgun training to one woman per month. Training is being provided to women who are documented victims of violent crimes.

While the announcement was timed to coincide with the first anniversary of Ohio's concealed carry law, Garcia is also using the initiative to promote his commitment to helping women defend themselves and take advantage of concealed handgun laws.

“We want to show that we are declaring an all-out war against the abuse of women,” said Garcia.

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Garcia, a Lorain-County resident, is passionate about citizens’ rights to defend themselves and has been politically active in Second Amendment issues. Last year, he attended the Gun Rights Policy conference in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues facing the gun rights movement, and this year he attended the GPRC conference in Los Angeles, and spoke with Buckeye Firearms Association's Jim Irvine after his speech.

So why the focus on female victims of violence? Garcia points out that FBI crime reports show that rape in Cleveland has been at least double—and sometimes quadruple—national statistics. “With passage of the concealed carry law, women now have an option in the battle against violence,” he said.

Garcia says Buckeye Firearms Training, LLC is Ohio’s only full-time, seven-day-a-week handgun training business. The company—which is not affiliated with any gun shop or store—provides private training in people’s homes and place of business. Its training is geared towards the “new” shooter, specifically targeting women and seniors.

Garcia says he is striving to break the cliché that paints people who own and carry concealed firearms as gun nuts. “We want to portray ourselves as a company that’s here to help normal, everyday folks defend themselves,” Garcia said. “We do not wear camouflage or combat boots, and our method of teaching is fresh and innovative.”

Ohio can be thankful that there are such innovative activists working on behalf of those who are most in need of protection.

Interested persons may contact Randy Garcia at http://www.bftohio.com.

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