Ohio gun banners advocating prank ''man-with-a-gun'' calls

As if Ohio law enforcement doesn't have enough to do, Toby Hoover's Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence is now advocating a course of action that will waste even more of cops' precious time, and perhaps endanger CHL-holders:

In a February 13, 2004 OCAGV media release, Hoover states as follows:

"If you see someone with a gun, continue to assume their activity is suspicious. There is no way for you to determine the 'law abiding' from those with criminal intent. Call law enforcement to investigate and leave the area."

Not only is the OCAGV guilty of openly encouraging the act of burdening Ohio law enforcement community with frivolous prank calls, they are shamelessly telling supporters to run away before the officers they called arrive on the scene. Could this be because prank callers might wind up being the ones charged with inciting a riot or disturbing the peace?

Before law enforcement officials get too worried about this new threat, there is something they should keep in mind:

In the six months leading up to passage of HB12, the OCAGV sent multitudes of email blasts encouraging people to "call Governor Taft and tell him you don't want hidden, loaded guns in your communities."

According to Taft's office, opponents of this legislation sent about 300 letters, and made about 400 phone calls to his office in the past six months.

How many proponent letters and calls, you ask? About 6200 letters, and about 4200 calls in the past six months alone.

While even one prank phone call to bother Ohio's law enforcers would be too many, it is clear that - to adapt a phrase from the most recent anti-concealed-carry letter by the Cleveland chapter president of the Brady Bunch's "Million" Mom March - these Ohio gun ban extremists' have neither bark nor bite. And that news should put officials worried about the OCAGV's pleas for prank calls quickly at ease.

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