Ohio Gun Collectors Assoc. makes generous donation to Buckeye Firearms Foundation

By Jim Irvine

Last year Buckeye Firearms Association made a point of working with other groups where specific goals overlapped. One such relationship has been with the Ohio Gun Collectors Association (OGCA). OGCA has been tremendously supportive and Buckeye Firearms leaders were on hand to accept a $2,500 check from them at their show last November.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation has filed an Amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the McDonald v. Chicago case. The case is intended to apply the protections of the Second Amendment right to bear arms against the States and cities.

Filing such a brief is an expensive endeavor, but the cost of not getting involved is far greater. We can both defray the cost and strengthen our hand when we work with other good groups, and OGCA is one of the best.

OGCA is based in Ohio, but boasts members from almost every state. They are one of our nation's premier gun groups with a long and storied past, and leadership to ensure an even greater future.

OGCA members consider their gun show, held in Wilmington Ohio approximately every other month "the best in the country." It is possible go get a one-time guest pass, but it is a "members only" show and you must be recommended by a current member to be permitted to join, which can only be done at one of their shows. While some Several Buckeye leaders like Larry Moore are longtime OGCA members, others took the opportunity to join or renew their membership in this fine organization.

OGCA used to hold guns shows in the IX center in Cleveland, but they were driven out by anti-gun policies and politicians. We are among many who would love to see them back in the Cleveland area, but the politics has not gotten any friendlier.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation has sued the city of Cleveland asking the courts to declare several of their local ordinances unconstitutional. Fighting State, Federal or local laws, gun owners must stick together. It is not pistol vs. shotgun or hunters vs. collectors. It is right vs. wrong and good vs. corrupt.

We are honored to be recognized and assisted by OGCA and highly recommend you get acquainted with them at www.ogca.com. Supporting groups that support your rights make good sense, and OGCA is a strong friend.

From left: Linda Walker, BFA Central Ohio Chair; Rick Jones, BFA Region Leader; Jim Irvine, BFA Chairman; Jim Tekavec, Second Vice President, OGCA; Kenneth Seminatore, OGCA Board of Directors; Larry Moore, BFA Region Leader

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