Ohio Hospital Association encouraging victim zone mentality

Now that concealed carry is law in Ohio, businesses across the state are working to learn how they should respond in terms of policies within their own facilities. Some state-level business associations and organizations are offering help to their members, and delving into an area they obviously know very little about.

In the case of the Ohio Hospital Association, the "help" seems to consist only of informing members about half of the law, and encouraging members only on the merits of banning CHL-holders from their places of business.

Despite providing their members with a document which proves that only a handful of other states have made hospitals mandatory disarmed victim zones, and after pointing out that these states have experienced "no problems", it is still the apparent focus of the Ohio Hospital Association's new concealed carry website (which details the Association's suggested workplace policy on concealed carry) to inform hospital adminstrators only on how to discriminate against CHL-holders.

On that website, the OHA provides a message board including "tips and strategies others have used to ban concealed carry in their facilities." There is no message board provided for those who might wish to see tips and strategies others have used to encourage law-abiding citizens and employees with CHL's to act as a deterrent to crime in their facilities.

The OHA then provides a model template for hospitals who plan to ban CHL-holders. Hospital administrators can just cut and paste their policy into the employee handbook, and they've got an instant disarmed victim zone.

The OHA says that enforcement of a no-guns policy can be ensured via the posting of signs. But for the hospitals listed below, gun control laws, anti-gun property bans, discrimnatory signs, company policies or employee handbooks didn't get the message across to the criminals.

Please note that as is the case with the vast majority of multiple victim public shootings, these incidents all occurred in places where government is decidedly unfriendly to the Second Amendment. These are just a few of the MANY examples we could find in a quick search:

Ohio: Suspect in hospital shooting is indicted After hearing five gunshots, a nurse ran into the hospital room of 75-year-old Robert Price and asked the woman holding a gun - his daughter, Vicki Glick - why she'd shot him. ''Why not?'' Ms. Glick is alleged to have answered.

California Hospital shooting An elderly patient at a Baldwin Park, Calif., hospital shot and wounded a doctor, prompting a partial evacuation and law enforcement takeover of the facility, police said.

Doctor, Staff Member Die In Massacheusetts Hospital Shooting A prominent cardiologist and a hospital employee were shot and killed inside a building at Massachusetts General Hospital, officials said Tuesday.

NH Doctor shoots wife's lover in his hospital bed Andover plastic surgeon Dr. James P. Kartell was indicted yesterday on first-degree murder charges in the hospital shooting death of his estranged wife's companion.

Indictment of N.J. Hospital shooter Camden County Prosecutor Vincent P. Sarubbi announced today that a Grand Jury has indicted a Vineland, N.J., man for Attempted Murder of a Police Officer and other charges in connection with an incident at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center in Camden, N.J.

Cancer patient gunned down at D.C. hospital A gunman shot five people in the lobby of the Washington Cancer Institute on Thursday, though apparently only one victim -- a cancer patient -- was the intended target, police said. The cancer patient was killed.

Trial ordered in California hospital shooting A carjacking suspect accused of shooting a sheriff's deputy while under guard at an Escondido hospital must stand trial on attempted murder, assault and other charges, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Two killed in B.C. hospital shooting VANCOUVER - The RCMP are looking for a man whose wife and mother-in-law were shot dead Tuesday afternoon at a hospital in Mission, B.C.

Not all physicians have come under the spell of the gun ban lobby. Those Ohioans fighting battles against a misinformed medical community would do well to consider the words of Dr. Timothy M. Billups, MD, FACEP, who submitted written testimony in support of HB12. Billups is a "residency trained, Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician" with "nine years of clinical experience in several Emergency Departments in the Cleveland and Akron areas".

For an even greater resource, check out Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws which a collaborative effort by members of KeepAndBearArms.com.

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