Ohio Senate 2006

In the general elections, Buckeye Firearms Association ENDORSES the following candidates:

District Office Name Party
01 State Senate Steve Buehrer Republican WIN!
03 State Senate Emily Kreider Democrat
05 State Senate Tom Roberts Democrat WIN!
07 State Senate Bob Schuler Republican WIN!
15 State Senate John Roscoe Republican
17 State Senate John Carey Republican WIN!
21 State Senate Richard Norris Republican
23 State Senate Howard Shrimpton Republican
27 State Senate Kevin Coughlin Republican WIN!
29 State Senate Kirk Schuring Republican WIN!
31 State Senate Tim Schaffer Republican WIN!
33 State Senate John Boccieri Democrat WIN!

The following candidate for the Ohio Senate has exhibited some level of support for the Second Amendment, hunting, and self-defense, and is considered by Buckeye Firearms Association to be the better choice in this district:

District Office Name Party
11 State Senate Teresa Fedor Democrat WIN!

The following candidates for the Ohio Senate failed to return a completed Buckeye Firearms Association survey and have no established voting record. They are likely against or apathetic towards your rights. If you live in one of these districts, focus on statewide candidates and help an endorsed candidate in a nearby district.

District Office Name Party
09 State Senate Maggie Nafziger Republican
09 State Senate Eric Kearney Democrat WIN
13 State Senate Sue Morano Democrat WIN
13 State Senate Martha Wise Republican
25 State Senate Lance Mason Democrat WIN
25 State Senate David Lynch Republican

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