Ohio Senate 2010

NOTE: When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent can earn is a B. Candidates who have been so graded are indicated with an asterisk (*).

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District Office Name/Party BFA Grade BFA Endorsement
SD01 State Senate Steve Buehrer (R) A+ ENDORSED WIN!
SD01 State Senate Erik Cranmer (D) ??
SD03 State Senate Kevin Bacon (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD03 State Senate Mark Pfeifer (D) ??
SD05 State Senate Bill Beagle (R) B* ENDORSED WIN!
SD05 State Senate Fred Strahorn (D) F
SD07 State Senate Shannon Jones (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD07 State Senate Sam Pettinichi (D) ??
SD09 State Senate Eric Kearney (D) D Win
SD09 State Senate Deborah McKinney (R) ??
SD11 State Senate Edna Brown (D) D Win
SD11 State Senate Tom Waniewski (R) ??
SD13 State Senate Gayle Manning (R) B* ENDORSED WIN!
SD13 State Senate Sue Morano (D) F
SD15 State Senate Alicia Healy (R) ??
SD15 State Senate Charleta Tavares (D) ?? Win
SD17 State Senate David Daniels (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD17 State Senate Justin Fallon (D) B*
SD19 State Senate Kris Jordan (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD19 State Senate Neil Patel (D) B
SD21 State Senate Burrell Jackson (R) ??
SD21 State Senate Shirley Smith (D) D Win
SD23 State Senate Dave Morris (R) B* ENDORSED
SD23 State Senate Michael Skindell (D) F Win
SD25 State Senate Nina Turner (D) D Win
SD27 State Senate Frank Comunale (D) C
SD27 State Senate Frank LaRose (R) B* ENDORSED WIN!
SD29 State Senate Scott Oelslager (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD29 State Senate Richard Reinbold (D) ??
SD31 State Senate Chelsea Back (D) ??
SD31 State Senate Tim Schaffer (R) B ENDORSED WIN!
SD33 State Senate Matt Lewis (R) ??
SD33 State Senate Joe Schiavoni (D) C Win

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