Ohioans For Concealed Carry Issues 2005 Ohio Concealed Handgun License Report

For Immediate Release
March 29, 2005

OhioCCW is a success!

CLEVELAND - Ohio's Concealed Handgun License program is one of the most successful consumer protection programs in state history, according to a first-ever report released today by Ohioans For Concealed Carry, the state's largest grassroots organization focused solely on protecting and improving Ohioans' right to bear arms for self-defense.

In the 2005 Ohio Concealed Handgun License Report, OFCC observes that, according to numbers released by the state Attorney General, about 175 people are taking advantage of this program daily by applying for licenses. As we mark the first anniversary of the law's activation, approximately 50,000 Ohioans are now licensed to carry concealed handguns for their defense and security.

"The results speak for themselves," said Jeff Garvas, founder and president of OFCC. "Ohioans have applied for licenses at a rate far exceeding other states with recently-passed concealed carry reform laws. Furthermore, they are proving to be an even more law-abiding group of people than even we predicted they would be. This report gives the General Assembly all the proof they need that some of the egregious restrictions forced into the bill by anti-gun lobbyists, and the politicians beholden to them, must be removed."

In addition to an analysis on license-issuance and how various appointment schemes utilized by a few sheriffs are influencing application rates, the report analyzes claims made by the gun ban lobby prior to passage of the law, and compares them to comments made about the implementation of the law by Ohio's sheriffs.

"This report puts it in black and white," said OFCC PAC Chairman Jim Irvine. "Legislators put their faith in the citizens of Ohio to be as responsible as those in other states, and their faith has been rewarded. Additionally, the report makes it clear beyond any doubt that the adjacent county provision is essential to ensuring a few sheriffs cannot completely restrict citizens' ability to apply for a license."

As Ohio's primary concealed carry reform advocate, OFCC has been and continues to be in constant contact with Rep. Jim Aslanides, and other lawmakers, to assure that the rights of Ohio's law-abiding gun owners, and our members, are protected.

It is accepted by most law enforcement agencies, attorneys and pro-gun organizations that the open carry, or "plain sight", provision for motor vehicles is a legal black hole that is in desperate need of change. Most other states allow concealed firearms in cars, and have experienced no threat to law enforcement. Ohio's gun owners should be afforded the same right.

We are also working to remove the Media Access Loophole provision, which is currently being abused by newspapers and television stations statewide.

Finally, because many municipal governments are currently enforcing gun control laws restricting Ohio's CHL law, which was enacted as a general law of the state, Ohio needs to pass legislation stressing that Ohio's self-defense initiatives preempt all local gun control.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry looks forward to continuing our work with Representative Aslanides, and hope that Governor Taft recognizes that the current law is in need of reform.

Click here to download (.pdf file) OFCC's 2005 Ohio Concealed Handgun License Report.

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