Omaha, Nebraska: Six Minutes... Crime 9, the People 0.

Another Mall stakes out its territory as a Victim Disarmament Zone.

By John Longenecker

Nine dead thanks to a micro gun ban policy. A gun ban. As a former full-time Paramedic, I can tell you that you can't get mad at the police for their response time -- I'm only showing it as part of the total understanding of the incident in reasonable expectation. The Gun Ban is to blame, and no one else.

Bans on school campus and in Malls, workplace and other locales are nothing but micro gun bans with tragic results every bit as gigantic and as heart-breaking as any other shooting. Typical policy has been the same as stubborn school campus policy and workplace, saying they want to protect their patrons, but the result is to talk patrons out of their lives. Nine dead for this kind of brilliance. In less than six minutes. Nine dead thanks to a gun ban. This is what we call Lip Service, where the results so obviously discredit the excuses.

Public places need to understand that individuals bent on murder will not listen to their gun ban. They never do and they never will. Murderers do notice where a target-rich environment is unarmed and unable to stop them in the few moments they need to kill. The few short moments they need is a lot less than six minutes.

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Six minutes was more than enough time for this kid to express his anger and heartbreak.

The lip service solution has been to understand these stresses early on, to be aware of the early signs, and to exclude the citizen from his/her role in fighting violence. Nonsense.

Profiling won't do much good for several reasons. As I have written, we will not stop the next shooter by psychoanalyzing them: we stop the next shooter by preparing the next target to be his last victim.

The entire purpose of concealed carry of handguns — and Nebraska is a right-to-carry state - is to have several elements shifted in favor of the target in facing grave danger alone. These fight crime.

1. Lethal force without having to wait, obtain permission, or find the time to break away and notify others (and wait some more!). Already on the books. Don't make malls an exception to this: Include them.

2. Authority is already in place within the citizen. It's time to stop obfuscating it for the privilege of shopping there. One can act with lethal force when facing grave danger. One can come to the aid of another. This is nationwide but for a small few silly and unfriendly jurisdictions. Check your state for silly, unfriendly laws that say you have to run or something. How many of these eight ran?

3. Concealed weapon keeps the aggressors uncertain as to who will respond immediately. The idea is not entirely to identify or dissuade a killer from shooting a mall's patrons – the idea is to stop him immediately. Citizens have that authority. Why hide or discourage it?

Keeping killers and other aggressors guessing is perhaps the most powerful element in this concept. Banning weapons totally undermines this dynamic in favor of any aggressor bent on murder in the moments before first responders can be notified, much less possibly arrive to stop them. Six minutes.

And finally, profiling didn't do much good here, because, from all reports so far, the little brat was exhibiting purely normal teen angst: loss of a job, loss of a girlfriend, and no father-role to show him how to handle life's setbacks with or without pills How do you profile that?

Malls, schools, workplace and public buildings need to comprehend the concept that the people are much worthier of trust than they who are making the gun bans are worthy of trust. Gun owners are an immense, untapped resource when it comes to fighting crime. You can't fight crime after the fact when crime has shown up and won.

The Score is Crime 9, Community, 0. The score is higher nationwide.

You can't fight crime after-the-fact: you can chase it and maybe you can catch it, but only after it's come and gone.

You fight crime by meeting it with authority and superior force. That authority and superior force are already in the hands of individuals who visit the mall, spend their money and whom you would never know are vetted, trained and cool-headed gun owners. Where Malls might view gun owners as a liability, they have perhaps been given some very bad advice. A shopping mall may not hide and discourage legal authority to act in self-defense. It could be found to be an interference.

CCW permit-holders are an untapped resource of thousands of Individuals trained and in authority to act when facing grave danger.

Whatever a mall says it fears cannot match nine dead in six minutes.

No more profiling. No more psychoanalysis and spotting early warning signs. No more after-the-fact hand-wringing and techno-politics. No more gun bans. Think Citizen Authority.

Concealed carry anywhere anyone has a right to be must be made part of any serious-minded approach to fighting violent crime.

It would definitely be good for the country.

John Longenecker is President and CEO of Good For The Country Foundation, a patriotic non-profit organization.

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