One of these news reports is not like the others... Columbus ABC buries news of Bloomberg anti-gun group's failed rally

by Chad D. Baus

Last week, Buckeye Firearms Association volunteers made national news after they succeeded in out-numbering a tiny rally (mostly-paid staffers) organized by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

The turn of events was covered by everyone from the Washington times to, all of whom noted the fact that MAIG produced a tiny turnout, with BFA volunteers outnumbering them 10-1.

Perhaps it was WBNC (CBS Columbus) 10TV's Jim Heath who said it best, when he began his report by saying the rally "certainly answers the question of what exactly happens when you throw a political rally an no one shows up - except your opposition?"

That report, entitled "Rally For Gun Background Checks Quickly Becomes Pro-Gun Event," can be viewed here:

WCMH (NBC Columbus) filed a similar report, entited "Protest Turns Into Gun Rally In Arena District," which can be viewed here:

And then there was WSYX, Columbus' ABC affiliate. Even the title of the report alone reveals that this report was going to be...different.

Dueling Gun Rallies

Several things about the WSYX report stand out.

Most obvious is that there was no mention of the fact that overwhelming majority of the crowd were pro-gun rights advocates. While WSYX reporter Lisa Rantala does mention that the pro-gun "stragglers" had previously been joined by others before the "migration," several people who have viewed the report commented to Buckeye Firearms Association that they believe Rantala seemed to imply that the "other rally" (which was, in fact, made up of approximately 100 pro-gun supporters) was there in support of MAIG.

Indeed, while showing a screen shot of the large (pro-gun) crowd, Rantala says "there are definitely plenty of people down where another rally is going on. Those folks are with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, who are supporting a universal background check for guns."

One might be tempted to give Rantala the benefit of the doubt, understanding that live reports can be difficult to do on the fly, especially with the fluidity of certain events, but even the title of the WSYX report, "Dueling Gun Rallies" suggests that this report was intended to give a far different impression to the viewer that CBS and NBC sought to give their viewers.

To comment on the WSYX report, visit their Facebook page.

Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Vice Chairman.

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