One year ago today...

One year ago today, citizens across the state lined up at Sheriff's offices to apply for concealed handgun licenses. April 8, 2004 marked the end of a long struggle to overturn a 150-year-old ban on bearing arms for self-defense. At least, it marked the end of the beginning.

Today, Ohio's concealed carry law is allowing Ohioans a means of protection. But as we all knew when the law was passed, it is a shadow of the type of legislation that is needed to make the largest impact for the betterment of this state's law-abiding citizens.

There is work to be done:

  • If you haven't yet applied for your license, apply today!
  • If you have your license, encourage a friend or family member to begin the process to get theirs today.
  • Take a non-shooter to the range today.
  • Write your elected officials and encourage them to make the law more user-friendly today.
  • Become a member of Ohioans For Concealed Carry today.
  • Get involved with the OFCC PAC today.

    Although their numbers are dwindling, the gun ban lobby is out there, prowling, ready to protect provisions that currently make our law restrictive and cumbersome for citizens, while doing nothing to prevent crime. Only your action can ensure they are not successful.

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