ONN: Ohioans Question CA Governor Recall

Some Ohio lawmakers say they have had questions from upset voters about the possibility of recalling Ohio Governor Bob Taft.

"Constituents started calling me, telling me we should do something about the governor,” said Rep John Willamowski (R-4, Lima).

The Lima Republican says earlier in the year during the budget debate, people began asking his office if it was possible to recall Governor Taft since they were upset about Taft's tax proposals.

The governor's plan to close the Lima prison made him even more controversial, as Lima residents will tell you.

"I think they should kick him out if there is anyway to do it,” said Allen County resident Ruth Sifrit.

Governor Taft will not have to worry about a recall similar to the one it California.

That is because a people’s recall campaign directly to the ballot is not technically possible in Ohio.

Other Ohio lawmakers, like Democrat Derrick Seaver (D-78, Minster), were getting the similar questions. After research, they found out the only way to remove and Ohio governor is by impeachment, a vote done in the legislature.

"There probably would be support in the legislature to recall this governor,” said Rep. Seaver. “I would not be one of them. I think there is fine line between opposing his polices and recalling him."

OFCC PAC Commentary:
This is by no means the first time this question has been raised by citizens - OFCC PAC has received many inquiries about possibilities for recourse against Bob Taft.

Due to a host of issues, from multiple concealed carry reform debacles to multiple tax increases, there is a growing grassroots movement at hand in Ohio aimed at holding to account those politicians who have gone against their word, and who have failed to live up to their sworn oath to defend and preserve the Constitution.

Due to the lack of accountability engendered by term limits, many believe those who are seeking reelection may pay for the political sins of those whom the public cannot vote against.

According to an OFCC PAC online poll, both Gov. Taft and Sen. Doug White share the blame for concealed carry reform delays. But both are term limited. That fact has some looking for other ways to "send Columbus a message".

One person who may be in the political crosshairs is Sen. Steve Austria, who chaired the committee which amended HB12 so horribly in the Senate, and who has already announced he will seek reelection in 2004.

Perhaps sensing his vulnerability, Sen. Austria has made his efforts to get Am. Sub. HB12 back on track through a compromise very public in recent weeks.

We are encouraged by Sen. Austria's efforts to keep the issue on the table, but his initial compromise proposal (lowering the age for which occupants in vehicles would be rendered defenseless from 18 to 16) does not go far enough. Taft's "Carjacker protection" loophole must be entirely removed. A child is worth defending - at any age.

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