Op-Ed: Brain Dead Broke

Who knew that when she claimed to be “dead broke” Hillary Clinton was talking about her moral and intellectual disabilities.

During a CNN sponsored campaign advertisement cloaked as a “town hall meeting”, Hillary Clinton – an obvious Democrat candidate for President in 2016 – had a few nasty things to say about gun owners. Clinton opined that gun owners, and those who take constitutional mandates seriously, are terrorizing the rest of the nation. And that they (i.e., “we”) need to be “reined-in.”

These are things gun owners should hear and remember. You can hear it word for word here.

In short order, Hillary Clinton used her ignorance to slander gun owners, then threaten them all.

Hillary’s Ignorance: “We’re going to have to do a better job protecting … citizens … from that … group that is unfortunately prone to violence … with automatic weapons.”

Someone discussing policy should, at a minimum, have a grasp of the fundamentals. She doesn’t. Oblivious to commonly understood firearm classifications (or intentionally using the wrong classification to scare people), Hillary appears to believe that machine guns and other fully-automatic firearms (intentionally confused with semi-automatic firearms mischaracterized as “assault weapons” by the gun ban lobby) are readily available and often used in violent crimes. This is completely and utterly false. Aside from being regulated into near non-existence, fully-automatic firearms almost never appear at crime scenes, even at mass public shootings.

And just what “group” is it that is “prone to violence” Mrs. Clinton? Is it anyone who chooses to own a modern semi-automatic sporting rifle? Once you are safely in office, will it be everybody who owns a style of firearm you choose to demonize?

Hillary’s Slander: About gun control, Clinton said “We cannot let a minority of people – and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people – hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

There is a lot of stupidity baked into this one sentence. Foremost is that holding a strong opinion about the social value of the Second Amendment, and practicing it, is a terrorist activity (unlike the authentic terrorist activity she ignored in Libya). Second is her odd assumption that those favoring gun rights are a minority, a fact refuted by the Gallup Poll and lots of other polls. Third, and most disturbing, she really believes you do not have a right to the opinion because it “terrorizes” others.

Contracting her statement, what she effectively said is: “We cannot let … people … hold a viewpoint.” She likes your First Amendment rights about as much as your Second Amendment rights.

Hillary’s Threat: Aside from controlling your thoughts, apparently Hillary also wants to control everyone’s thoughts – regardless of their constitutional basis. She said that the United States needs “to rein in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can necessarily have a gun, anywhere, anytime.”

Of course this is a radical overstatement of Second Amendment philosophy, and a misstatement of public sentiment. Nobody believes convicted violent felons can have a gun, which means “anybody” is not a logical term to use. And nobody believes that “anyone” should have a gun “anywhere” at “anytime.” There are certain constitutional restrictions that can be imposed on who, where, and when the right to keep and bear arms can be exercised. Regardless, Clinton’s rhetoric stands as an open threat that some of “The People” need to be “reined-in”, a concept last championed by King George. Queen Hillary perceives that the exercise of a civil right – to keep and to bear arms – is both an “article of faith” (i.e., a fiction?) and is something that governmental power must subvert, presumably with more laws that do nothing except “rein-in” the law abiding gun owner who chooses to own a gun to defend her family.

To summarize, according to candidate Clinton we are the violence prone minority with an opinion that terrorizes the majority, and we need to have our faith reined in.

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