Op-Ed: Don't Blame Hunters

February 16, 2006
New York Post

By By John R. Lott, Jr. and Joni Ogle

With all the fall-out over Dick Cheney accidentally peppering his friend with birdshot, few will probably ever hear that hunting with guns is not a particularly dangerous sport. Nor will they hear any mention that hunting can help save people's lives by helping control animal populations.

A Nexis search of news stories found that in all the avalanche of news coverage none of the national television news broadcasts on Sunday and Monday mentioned gun-hunters' safety record. Only three of the 76 newspaper and wire stories through Monday had mentioned anything about these accidents being rare.

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Professor John R. Lott Jr. points out in his book, The Bias Against Guns that there is either a concerted effort to shape the gun debate by the establishment media or gross negligence on their part. Either way the fact remains that the establishment media through their one-sided reporting of the gun issue is making the news instead of simply reporting it.

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