Op-Ed: Illegal Mayors

by C. D. Michel

Incarcerating Michael Bloomberg may be the next news ironic item.

If only!

New York Mayor Bloomberg, America's self-appointed gun control financier and front man, established the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). The group's typically innocuous and benign sound bites actually conceal an aggressive and extreme agenda, some rather disastrous shenanigans (such as a Keystone Cop style "sting" operation on southern gun stores), and funding from the primarily gun control financier (the Joyce Foundation, where Barack Obama spent eight years on the board). MAIG is dedicated to nationally making firearm acquisition as difficult as it is in New York City.

But as it turns out, Bloomberg and the mayors who joined his cabal are often ducking the law thanks to their habit of breaking the law.

Parody is a sure sign that things are not going well. As more and more member mayors are arrested, convicted and incarcerated, a protest web site called Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors was born (www.stopillegalmayors.com) listing many of the chief offenders within Bloomberg's ranks. Criminalities committed by Bloomberg's buddies are not trivial. There are no parking citations, bounced checks or sidewalk spitting charges. Indeed the latest Mayors Against Illegal Guns illegalities are the least of their offenses.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner tops the list of most recent revelations concerning office escapade bordering between sexual harassment and sexual assault. One lawsuit alleges Filner instructed a former aide to "get naked" and to work without wearing her panties. This was in addition to Filner routinely grabbing her, dragging her about the office in a headlock and bluntly asking for sex. Another complainer asserts Filner gave her rump a patting in response to a standard line about "working her ass off" to which Filner announced "No, it's still there." Yet other complaints itemize instances of inappropriate comments, kissing and groping.

On the darker side, take the case of Larry Langford, the former Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama and an avid fan of Bloomberg's coalition. Lamentable Larry was convicted of 60, yes 60, felony counts including bribery, fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

Austin Mayor Will Wynn plead guilty to assault (a crime of violence) and his co-member Jeremiah Healy of Jersey City was convicted of resisting arrest.

Samuel Rivera upped the Mayor's game by being indicted for extortion and taking a bribe, though this pales in comparison to his being convicted of covering up a homicide.

Gary Becker of Racine, Wisconsin pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a child and child enticement though his child pornography charges were dropped as a minor inconvenience.

Following suit, James Schiliro, the Mayor of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania was arrested after using local police to fetch a male minor, serving booze to the fellow, asking for sexual favors and then firing off a gun when the lad refused.

There are others, but the list is longer than your patience.

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