Op-Ed: Petty, anti-gun antics from the Ohio Democrat Party and its allies

The well funded, anti-firearm lobby will harangue any politician

by Raquel Okyay

The anti-gun lobby, the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence and Democratic state officials are aiming their pointy little fingers at state Republican Rep. Margaret Conditt of Liberty Township because she plans to have an election fundraiser at Middletown Sportsmen's Club on May 12.

The club is a -- danger alert -- firing range, and apparently a big no-no if concerned citizens care about gun violence and young people. Firing ranges, being operated by the experts, taking the best possible precautions, are practical, effective and legal; so what is the problem with having a politician conduct a fundraiser at a local firing range?

Common sense says absolutely nothing, yet the picture the hucksters would like to paint is a dark, ugly one of evil at the hands of bad politicians who support Second Amendment rights.

Calling the scheduled event "distasteful" and "irresponsible," opponents claim their objection to Conditt's firing range fundraiser is due to the senseless killing of 3 students at Chardon High School in Geauga County on February 27, when a lone 17 year old opened fire at a cafeteria table using a .22 caliber pistol. Huh? What does a firing range fundraiser have to do with a high school shooter?

Common sense says absolutely nothing – apples and oranges – but opponents will have us believe there is a sure correlation between violent acts committed by criminals and the weaponry used at firing ranges when the evidence clearly shows there is none.

In fact, the evidence shows that gun control laws have increased crime rates. For instance, in places such as Chicago and Washington D.C. where menacing gun bans have been enacted, murder rates have skyrocketed.

Of course, this is not about preventing violent crimes, it is just another attempt by a seemingly harmless, yet extremely dangerous group, to exploit a tragic incident involving firearms in order to promote an agenda that would a) create an illusion that guns and the politicians that support guns are evil and b) eventually disarm the good citizens of the United States so that the so called know better, do better, powerful government officials of the United States can control the unruly masses for the common good.

Conditt's campaign and other pro-Second Amendment leaders are wide awake, thank goodness, and are not bowing down to the demands of the pointy little fingers.

Click here to read the entire op-ed at HumanEvents.com

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