Op-Ed: There Is No Such Thing As An Illegal Gun, Part III: Let The Heavens Fall

This the third of a three part series featured at Buckeyefirearms.org.

By John Longenecker

In Part II, I wrote about how powerful officials can abuse citizens my making an example of them unjustly, emphasis on unjustly on the analogy of a cat producing a mouse from elsewhere just to prove she’s performing. I called the idea being a dead mouse. You don’t become a dead mouse at the hands of criminals – you become a dead mouse at the hands of predatory agencies making an example of you in reaching the rest, including the non-gun owner Americans. This is often how 22,000 unrighteous gun laws spill over in shared-philosophy to effect adversely other seemingly unrelated corners of our way of life.

In Part III, we talk about what would happen if we repealed all gun laws and how it could have a very positive effect on our overall way of life here on the realization that – in all fairness and honesty – there is no such thing as an illegal gun. It’s a worthwhile idea because out of all the hysterical predictions of the anti-gun crowd – crime in the streets, anarchy, bloodshed, road rage, accidental shootings, romantic lover shootings – none of them ever came true. In the meantime, in the intervening years, many unrighteous laws made examples of citizens in dubious cases.

In America, it is generally understood by the liberty community that the Constitution is the law of the land and is not to be abused. There is a term for it. It’s called abuse of process. It is to weaponize the law and to rub your nose in the value that we are a nation of laws.

You cannot rightly nor rightfully convince the people to go against their interests and call it due process just because they fell for it: it’s abusive when the second amendment specifically locks out due process – short of another amendment – to incrementally chip away at a civil right for political purposes, such as allowing crime to flourish while tying the hands of the electorate to answer violence they face.

Liberty enthusiasts are certainly not alone in understanding that many, many laws have been written to twist rights, to see rights which aren’t there, and other abuses and legalese tactics which transfer the freedoms of the citizen into giving it all away for some middleman’s sales commission or brokerage fee in the process or some other payoff. Demagoguery.

For protesting these and for holding officials to their duty – something most Americans expect – liberty nuts are punished by defamation and other immoral tools. It’s like being a whistleblower: it’s a great way to catch Hell for doing the right thing, in your conscience, isn’t it? It’s a tough decision to make, and it intimidates many Americans and silences them.

Liberty enthusiasts are the whistleblowers of the country. The offense is holding officials to their duty. The very idea of heavy-handed, official interest in someone is retaliatory, and is proof that official and citizen are adversaries – this in a country where officials are servants of the sovereign. Who will join them on issues which protect the household?

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If we can stop more murders and other acts of violence where they are really best stopped – at the moment they are committed – a lot of people will be a lot smarter in how they vote and think. That realization of genuine power and genuine authority in this country is scary for homeowners and voters – for us all, it is a burden, as I’d said – but it’s also scary for some officials for a different reason: it interferes with their picnic. Right now, the victims are angry, very, very angry, and at the wrong person: gun owners, because their loved one was murdered with a gun. (What about those loved ones murdered with a knife, a rock, a bludgeon, a choking.. Well, forget about them, right?) And some officials are angry, too, and also at the wrong person: insolent citizens.

When you are taken out of the equation in meeting violence – as gun control does 100% of the time – more persons are at the mercy of their aggressor, and it becomes most clear that this reliance on agencies to the exclusion of that citizen is a trap, a powerful, political trap.

And when you’re too smart for it, you’re punished. Whistleblower.

You can’t fight crime by criminalizing the honest. That’s too easy, and does not speak well for the uniform and the oath one takes. No fair politicizing the good guys as the bad guys. No fair saying the citizen is suspect, a new official philosophy on the horizon for all citizens with the coming of RFID Chips and National ID Cards.

In Part III, now, let me address your reason. Short of a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the Second Amendment altogether, what would happen if all gun laws were repealed instead? Suppose we went the other way and repealed all gun laws?

Do you believe the predictions of the hysterical left would come true? Think this through.

Well, let me say something right now: with more than 300 million guns in the hands of some 80 million citizens in 2006, many are already owning, and there has been no outbreak of predicted violence. Many carry legally in right-to-carry states (75,000 in Ohio alone!) and many foolishly obey the law in those no-right-to-carry states at their peril. They become the victims of violence. Disarmed, law-abiding victim, and they make up the bulk of nationwide statistics on violent crimes.

Being unarmed is a lot more dangerous for the unarmed than an armed citizen is for others around him/her, and you’d better understand this truth. Your community has little to fear from armed people who share your values, and you have a lot to fear from thugs who smell a disarmed community, and from officials who want it what way.

Not all officials want to disarm you. Only some, and they operate on that purely outside the scope of their authority, because they may not dismantle any of the amendments on the Bill Of Rights. Do you believe that armed citizens would somehow be hot-heads, over-reacting and rash? Or do you believe that they are the first line of defense in time of peace and in time of crisis?

I advocate the repeal of all gun laws, and a short list of defined offenses to replace them. You know, things like assault, robbery, murder, rape, mayhem. You know, violent crimes. [Oh! Those are already crimes?]

I don’t believe it’s a crime to tweak a weapon you own, and I don’t believe it’s right to dictate what an honest taxpayer may own. These silly rules prevent nothing in the way of violence. Nothing.

I believe the subject is entirely off limits for officials, because the Document puts limits on government, it does not put limits on citizens, and those who oppose personal liberty tragically misunderstand the nature of the relationship between themselves and the governed. They intentionally ignore this relationship and do what the hell they want.

Making up new crimes only the honest will ever obey doesn’t fight crime, does it? That is the abuse of process.

Dead mouse.

Meanwhile, where are the realities of the hysterical predictions of the anti-gun, anti-family crowd?

I think they’re nuts - just nuts. If one really believes that repealing all gun laws would turn the countryside awash in blood, then let the heavens fall. In other words, I call your bluff. Am I holding the American People hostage? No, the left is, and it’s time for hostage rescue.

Let’s expose the left’s actions to disarm the honest for the frauds they are, and let’s see what happens. Let’s unseat and otherwise defeat the power of the few dishonest, demagogic officials who want to keep the People in crisis unable to fight back.

It’s time for the good natured officials in office to battle those who violate their oath and who try to dismantle one of the amendments they swore to protect. The country depends on it. We’ll back you.

Don’t forget that an official’s duty is to defend the Constitution, so any discussion with gun rights groups is not standing up to the gun lobby, it’s the rights groups standing up to the wrong-headed anti-family officials. Remember the nature of the relationship.

And it’s a whale of an issue this November. Don’t shy away from fighting gun control measures – meet them with the backing of the electorate. Everybody wants to go home at night, and we don’t need thugs making crime a political football where some of our loved ones won’t make it home. Those murders aren’t being committed by the honest, that’s for sure. And most murders aren’t solved. And some officials couldn’t care less.

Here’s a question I get: what about those constituents who want gun control? Don’t they have the right, too?

The answer is No. No one in this country has the right to dismantle another’s civil right, no matter what you feel or believe. This was written into the Second Amendment to lock out precisely that avenue of emotion and abuse of process. If you want it out, put forth a new amendment repealing it, but be certain of one thing: a motion to repeal it means that it exists for now, and until it passes, that first version stands, and that means that, in this country, no gun is illegal.

The officials who advocate the civil right of concealed carry for the rightful authority of this nation, the electorate, will do better in their careers than those who ignore it as an issue. It’s not just guns, it’s a whole spectrum of national values of personal independence, and it’s a winning strategy.

Are you listening, Republicans?

Call the bluff of the left and their hysterical predictions. Understand that supporting anti-gun laws is to support anti-family laws; excessive reliance on agencies to the detriment of the household. Immediacy and urgency is the key, and individual citizens have not only the right, but the authority to use up to lethal force in time of facing grave danger alone.

And this is the only thing we’re talking about: facing grave danger alone. Carrying a gun anywhere police can be summoned is the civil right of Americans here.

Stand for personal independence and respect for the citizen and family this November, and begin it all with addressing concealed carry. Say it out loud in stumping. Because when you must face grave danger alone, ladies and gentlemen of Congress, for the head of a household and for loved ones, as a constituent, as a taxpayer and good citizen, as a giver to society, as a sovereign, as a voter in such circumstances, there is no such thing as an illegal gun.

It’s good for the country.

John Longenecker’s book, The Case For Nationwide Concealed Carry is in its Second Edition now in Hardcover, a great gift for the non-gun owner. Please visit www.TransferOfWealth.net.

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