Perception changes in a (political) gun fight

Many readers may be familiar with Dr. Alexis Artwohl's "Perception Changes During Deadly-Force Incidents", in which he documents some of the physiological imparements those unfortunate enough to have been involved in an armed confrontation reported experiencing.

Dr. Artwohl interviewed 157 police officers who were involved in shooting incidents between 1994 an 1999. According to their responses:

· 84% experienced diminished sound perception (auditory exclusion)
· 79% experienced loss of peripheral vision (tunnel vision)
· 74% experienced little or no conscious thought ((automatic pilot)
· 71% experienced increased visual clarity
· 62% experienced slowing of time (slow motion)
· 52% experienced memory loss for part to the event
· 46% experienced memory loss for some of their own behavior
· 39% experienced a sense of detachment or unreality (dissociation)
· 26% experienced intrusive distracting thoughts
· 21% experienced memory distortion
· 17% experienced speeding of time (fast motion)
· 7% experienced temporary paralysis

Pro-self-defense advocate Stephen Wenger has done his own version of this study, which we like to call "Perception changes in a (political) gun fight".

Click on the "Read More..." link below for a very telling description of some Ohio politicians.

by Stephen Wenger (edited for space)

• Auditory Exclusion: 45% of Senators don't want to hear the truth.

• Peripheral Vision: 65% of Democrats look the other way when confronted with evidence supporting CCW.

• Conscious Thought: 15% of Legislators appeared to be sleeping during
testimony on CCW bills.

• Visual Clarity: 73% of Politicians have to 'See the Money' before they
can 'Hear the People'. Some evidence points to a link with 'Auditory Exclusion'.

• Slow Motion: 95% of legislation increasing the liberty of the people moves at a snail's pace.

• Speeding of Time: 57% of Politicians move like greased lightning when their committee adjourns for lunch.

• Memory Loss of an event: 85% of Republicans forget who put them in the
majority after the 1994 Crime Bill.

• Memory Loss of their own behavior: 41% screamed, "I promised WHAT in a
speech I made WHEN!? I NEVER said THAT! ...Did I?"

• Sense of Unreality: 95 % of left wing politicians believe legislation can
make people stop committing crimes.

• Temporary Paralysis: 33% of Republican politicians you gave money won't
lift a hand when you need it!

(special thanks to OFCC supporter Phil Shiflett for this submission)

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