Plain Dealer Endorses Ferris

By Jim Irvine

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
has endorsed Barbara Anne Ferris for the 10th US Congressional District.

Barbara Anne Ferris
will be holding a press conference on Monday, May 1 at the Old St. Michaels Church near Slavic village. Following her speech, Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman Jim Irvine will join other organizations in vocalizing their support and endorsement of Ferris. If you live in the Cleveland area you are encouraged to come

From the Plain Dealer Story:

    It is extremely unusual for a newspaper to withdraw its endorsement from an incumbent it has supported for years - the more so when that officeholder is a congressman with an international reputation, and the race is a primary election that he almost certainly will win.

    Nonetheless, that is what The Plain Dealer does today. In the Democratic contest between five-term Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich and his challenger, nonprofit executive Barbara Anne Ferris, this page endorses Ferris as the Democrat more in tune with the community, its needs and its future.

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That Kucinich has been a dismal failure for northeast Ohio is hardly news, but the Plain Dealer recognizing this and taking such bold action certainly is. Too often major news outlets are simply like major parties in endorsing the incumbent, no matter how bad he is (for example, the Republican party's support of terrible incumbents Senator Mike DeWine over Bill Pierce and David Smith, or Jennette Bradley over Buckeye Firearms endorsee Sandy O’Brien). The Plain Dealer is to be commended for its brutal honesty in this piece.

Again from the story:

    Ferris, 52, lacks elective experience. That cannot be denied. In many ways she is a political work in progress - optimistic almost to a fault, as though she believes she herself must provide all of the energy necessary to carry her to what would be a stunning upset victory.
    But it is evident that her abilities and potential for success mark her as a serious person with a serious campaign geared to the needs of the district she would serve.

Again, an accurate portrayal of the facts. Ferris believed in herself when others did not take her seriously. No one thought she would win the Plain Dealer’s endorsement, but she has. Few think she can win next Tuesday’s primary battle, but the election will be won not by those elitists who never take a challenger seriously, but by those who vote, and those countless supporters who volunteer thousands of hours to help a candidate they know and believe in. While a Ferris win would still be considered an upset, politics is full of upsets. Less than two years ago Senate Minority Leader Tom Dashel (D) lost to a challenger because he spent all his time fighting and forgot about representing his constituents. Kucinich has taken the same road politically. If Cleveland area voters are as wise as South Dakota voters, Ferris will be celebrating Tuesday night.

The story ends:

    Cleveland deserves more from its members of Congress.
    Ferris, his primary opponent, appreciates the necessity of cooperation and district focus. A member of a family known since World War II for its steakhouse restaurants, she grew up living and working in the district. She holds an advanced degree in finance and budgeting that would serve her well in the House. It would take little time for her to be at full speed.
    Asked why Democrats should turn away from the incumbent to support her, Ferris responded that Greater Cleveland no longer can afford the luxury of a congressman whose focus is elsewhere, who has so little to show for his time in office. We cannot say that she is wrong. Thus, we endorse her candidacy.

Barbara Ann Ferris understands a lot of basic things her opponent does not. One of most important is that your life is important, and thus your right to defend your life is important. Ferris supports your Second Amendment Rights, and Buckeye Firearms is proud to support her.

Monday’s event will be at:
5163 Broadway Ave
Cleveland OH 44127

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