Plain Dealer: Legislator starts drive to remove three justices

Columbus - A state lawmaker has started a drive to remove three Ohio Supreme Court justices from the bench.

Rep. Ron Young is seeking co-sponsors for a resolution to remove Justices Paul Pfeifer, Francis Sweeney and Alice Robie Resnick.

This represents the first attempt by the General Assembly to discharge a justice in 194 years, Supreme Court officials said.

The action by Young, a Leroy Township Republican, reflects a long simmering resentment bubbling within the Republican-controlled legislature over a series of sharply divided 4-3 Supreme Court rulings.

"The legislature does not need a cause to remove a justice, but we do have ample cause," Young said.

"Over the years a very liberal group of judges, Republican and Democrat, have taken it upon themselves to write a lot of legislation."

The so-called "Gang of Four" that included recently retired Justice Andy Douglas has slapped down numerous laws created by the General Assembly in the past decade. Douglas and Pfeifer are Republicans; Sweeney and Resnick are Democrats.

To succeed, Young must convince two-thirds of the General Assembly to go along with his efforts.

Click here to read the entire story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Commentary by Chad D. Baus:
Cudos to Rep. Young and all who fall in to help remove these three activist judges. Should they succeed, cases like the Hamilton County case questioning the constitutionality of Ohio's concealed carry ban, of which OFCC is a financially contributing plaintiff, may actually stand a fair chance of being ruled on based on the Ohio Constitution.

Please take the time to write or call your state representative and senator to encourage their support for this resolution.

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