Playing Politics With Your Rights; More Action Needed!

Buckeye Firearms has reason to believe that Senate leadership has
decided to delay action on HB 347 until near, or after, the fall
elections. This belief was further reinforced by the Hearing notice
released yesterday, which indicated no vote would be held next week.
With summer recess coming up very soon, it is now going to take extra
effort to get HB 347 passed before summer recess.

Passing this bill before summer recess is a priority for gun groups in
Ohio, and the Senate needs to hear this from you.

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It is important to note that gun owners have already suffered through 6+
months of delays on this bill due to "timing" concerns (i.e.
politics). It is also important to note that the delay in the voting on
HB 347 in the Senate is not due to any need for fact gathering or
drafting. The issues are the same as they were in the House, and an
agreement was reached in the House on those same issues.

Instead, the Senate is playing politics with your bill.

In addition to the fact that moving this vote to late fall removes the
potential for political accountability through the elections, it also
means the Ohio gun owner will have to endure another winter season, with
winter coats, trying to comply with plain sight.

Another 8-10 months of accidental felonies, all in the name of politics?
Not acceptable.

It is very important that you let the Senate, particularly the Senate
leadership, know that this bill must be brought to a vote before summer
recess. Gun owners would much rather spend the summer working for
pro-gun candidates, but, if needed, they can also spend the summer
questioning a Senate that was unable to move this bill forward. CLICK HERE to use a writing tool that will let your Senator and
Representative, as well as Senate Leadership, know that passage by
summer is something you will base your voting decision on in the fall.

Even if you have already contacted your Representatives about HB 347, please be sure to revisit the Rep Write page and submit this new letter. They need to be encouraged to Move HB 347 NOW and stop playing politics with our rights!

For more information on HB347, see: Sub H.B. 347 Introduced (DETAILED SUMMARY).

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