Police Kill Man After Wife Murdered At “No-guns” Hospital

WBNS10TV.com is reporting that a man entered Mount Carmel East Hospital yesterday with a gun, murdered his wife in what may have been a “mercy killing”, then exited the hospital and returned to his residence, where police confronted him soon after.

From the story:

    Police shot and killed a 76-year-old man who they said fatally shot his wife at a hospital earlier Tuesday.

    Inge Brown, 78, was shot at Mount Carmel East Hospital around 10:45 a.m., police said. She had recently suffered a stroke, according to Detective Patrick Dorn.

    About two hours later, officers from Columbus and Gahanna went to Harry Brown's home in Gahanna. Brown met them at the door of the townhouse and took out a gun, Columbus police said.

    Two officers shot and killed Brown after warning him to drop the gun, police said.

The report says tt wasn't clear how many shots were fired at the hospital "or how the shooter was able to leave without being stopped". The shooting happened during visiting hours.

According to NBC4i.com, there are no metal detectors at Mount Carmel East, but a hospital spokeswoman told the news station there are security cameras inside and outside the hospital, and that the murder “did not disrupt the care of any patients”.

What the news media has again failed to report is that this shooting happened in spite of the many “no-guns” signs which pepper the entrances of Mt. Carmel Hospital. A former employee told OFCC after the shooting that the hospital has the signs posted “all over the place”, and observed that it “didn’t help a bit, did it?”

This hospital is one of many which posted signs after an anti-concealed carry campaign was waged by the Ohio Hospital Association early this year.

Click on the “Read More…” link below for more.

Not all physicians have come under the spell of the gun ban lobby. Those Ohioans fighting battles against a misinformed medical community would do well to consider the words of Dr. Timothy M. Billups, MD, FACEP, who submitted written testimony in support of HB12. Billups is a "residency trained, Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician" with "nine years of clinical experience in several Emergency Departments in the Cleveland and Akron areas".

For an even greater resource, check out Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws which a collaborative effort by members of KeepAndBearArms.com.

Or consider the words of this Ohio physician, who emailed OFCC during the Ohio Hospital Association's initial assault against self-defense:

    I am a physician who has been stalked and at times I have feared for my safety and my life. Unfortunately, all hospitals to which I go have now posted signs prohibiting concealed carry on their property.

    While hospital(s) may have good security, they certainly don’t search every person who comes into the building, so I am not protected and in fact, I am actually in the same danger as pre-concealed carry (legislation). Such hospital policies also prevent me from carrying to and from work, when I might be at increased risk of being attacked, since technically I can’t even have a firearm in my car or I would violate hospital policy, since my car is parked in a lot which is their property. I could always just keep a firearm in the car anyway, but if my car were to be stolen or broken into, and it were discovered that I violated hospital rules, I would lose my privileges to practice at that hospital and could be fired from my primary hospital (of which I am also an employee).

    Policies such as this really make concealed carry for self-defense rather meaningless, especially if many businesses have similar policies. What can be done at a legislative level to change this?

    Dr. M. N.

What can be done? For starters, contact this and other hospitals, and contact the Ohio Hospital Association, and tell them about stories like these. Tell them whenever possible, you'll take your business to medical facitilies that respect your human right of self-defense.

Secondly, concerned citizens can contact their legislators and ask them to push for passage of a parking lot exemption which was contained in the bill which passed the House last year, but was removed by a few state Senators. Ohio law should not allow businesses to enact de facto bans on self-defense for customers and employees traveling to and from these locations.

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