Police State of New Orleans

By Jim Irvine

The NRA today issued a news release stating that a “Disaster Can’t Destroy Gun Rights.”

Quoting from the release:

    "When law enforcement isn’t available, Americans turn to the one right that protects all the others - the right to keep and bear arms," LaPierre said. "This attempt to repeal the Second Amendment should be condemned.”

    A Louisiana state statute allows the chief law enforcement officer to "regulate possession" of firearms during declared emergencies. "But regulate doesn’t mean confiscate," said Chris W. Cox, the NRA’s chief lobbyist.

    "Authorities are using that statute to do what the looters and criminals could not: disarm the law-abiding citizens of New Orleans trying to protect their homes and families," Cox said.

I commend the NRA for taking a strong stand against the seizing of personal firearms. For some people, a gun is the only thing that allowed them to defend their family business from looters. For some, it was the only way to protect their life. For some, it was the one thing that gave them piece of mind. Everyone understands the only way a 70 year old woman can defend herself from a gang of bandits is with the proper use of her firearm. How sad that the police find it “necessary” to take away a women’s dignity along with her gun.

The police could not stop assaults and rapes from happening in a location as tightly monitored and controlled as the Superdome. Is there anyone who believes they are doing a better job securing the safety of individuals or their property in the disaster area?

Whether it’s a punk looking to score $20 for his next hit, or a natural disaster of biblical proportion, there is no substitute for planning and preparation. Contrary to what many in the media would have you believe, people who survive are not “lucky.” They are prepared. They anticipated danger, and they took action. They take responsibility for themselves and their families. Ask their children - they are heroes.

Take a minute to assess your preparedness for disaster? Do you have functioning smoke detectors, or do you only bother when on days you think your house might burn? If you had one minute to escape your burning house in the middle of the night, do you know what to take with you? What is your secondary exit if the primary one is blocked? Do you have a cell phone by the bed in case a criminal cuts your phone line? Do you have some bottled water on hand? Do your children know the safest room in your house if a tornado strikes? To you carry your firearm? Always?

While hurricanes don’t pose a large threat in Ohio, fires, floods, tornado’s and criminals do. You can not plan for everything, but you don’t plan for something, you may be left with nothing.

However “well intentioned” the leaders of the police state in New Orleans may be, the truth is every person is responsible for themselves and their families. I urge the police to recognize the prepared and law abiding citizens for the unsung assets to the community that they are, and spend their resources solving the many real problems that have yet to be addressed.

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