As predicted: Ohio gun ban extremist screams ''It's all about the guns!''

In the hours after the massacre at Virginia Tech, we predicted that "in the coming days, gun control groups like the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, the Brady Bunch and the Joyce Foundation's Gun Guys, will be calling for tighter gun control measures as a result of this massacre."

It didn't take days. In fact, gun ban extremist Toby Hoover, who fronts what often appears to be a one-woman show at the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, issued a press release before the total number of victims was even known.

Commentary by Buckeye Firearms Association Northwest Ohio Chair Chad Baus in crimson type.

    For Immediate Release

    April 16, 2007
    State's Leading Gun Violence Prevention Organization Says: "It's About the Guns"

    Toledo, Ohio: The deadliest mass shooting in the history of the US occurred today at Virginia Tech. So far reports are that 31 have been killed, including the shooter, and at least 29 injured. Our hearts go out to the families, the students and the school. We thought about waiting until we knew exactly how many died before dancing in the blood of the victims, but frankly, we've suffered so many legislative losses in the past few years, we just couldn't help ourselves.

Again, from the press release:

    Nancy Wellman, Board President of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, said:"We are not surprised at another American gun massacre. These, while unbearably sad, are hardly unexpected in this country. Our weak gun laws make it a certainty that the United States will suffer recurrences of such preventable tragedies. There is a crying need for Americans to understand - It's about the guns!" Toby Hoover, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence said:"Listening to reports, you'd think the gun was the least of the problem this morning. The focus is on security, behavior and etc, anything but the hard, cold fact that such bloodshed was made possible by only one thing - a gun." Yes, it's more logical at this point to question why police and campus officials failed to secure (or at least warn) the entire campus after the double murder, and sure, it makes sense to most people to focus on why everyone seems to have ignored the warning signs with the lone nutcase who murdered these people. Asking those questions might actually help us prevent such massacres in the future, but that wouldn't serve our agenda. So everyone should stop it immediately!

    Nancy Wellman continued: "The Congress called for a Moment of Silence. Indeed a moment of silence is appropriate for such a devastating tragedy with such pain for families and students. But we also want a moment of noise. We want Congress to look hard at the gun issue and the fact that our country has such a high homicide rate compared to other developed countries. We want them to act on sensible laws and stop being afraid of the gun lobby." Whatever you do, don't be loud about the facts. When you talk to people about us needing "sensible gun laws", DO NOT mention anything about this campus being a 'gun free' zone. We've really worked hard to get as many places in Ohio to be defenseless like this, and this could be embarrasing. Also, DO NOT mention anything about Virginia having a law prohibiting the purchase of more than one handgun in any 30 day period, because it turns out the nutjob who murdered these people figured out if he simply waited a month he could buy another gun. Finally, DO NOT mention a "cooling-off" waiting period to buy a gun, because this psycho actually had patience enough to plan this out. (Can you believe it that first gun didn't make him immediately start killing people when he bought it in March?)

    Unfortunately, since the shootings in Columbine it has gotten easier to get deadly firearms not harder. When other countries suffer such tragedies, they act. In this country we just seem to speculate and take no action. Until we look hard at our countries policies on guns, America will continue to have such tragedies. We really like those other countries better than America, but the pay is better here. Besides, have you seen how the crime rate went up in Britain and Australia since they banned guns? Who would want to live there?

    Toby Hoover concluded,"Until we are willing to talk about the guns - the common denominator in all such tragedies, all the security and all the swat team techniques will not prevent such terrible shootings." Never mind that the worst American school tragedy in history (Bath Twp., MI, 1927) involved a bomb and not a gun. We need to keep falsely claiming that guns are the common denominator in all such tragedies if we have any hope of capitalizing on these people's deaths.

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