Press conference or not, we still get the nasty headline

Despite the fact that it was the Million Mom March who held a tasteless press conference before the victim of the Case Western shooting was even laid to rest, the headline on this Sunday's Letters to the Editor page in the Cleveland Plain Dealer shouted:

"Gun backers are quick to spin every tragedy"

Under the twisted headline, they published four letters on the CWRU shooting. Only one was supportive of your right to self-defense. Another explained that the real villain of spin here is Dr. John Lott, for pointing out the obvious: yet another "gun-free safe-zone" was proven to be neither gun-free, nor safe.

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The pro-freedom letter to the editor was written in response to a Kent State University professor's letter, in which he claimed that you have no right to bear arms at all. The professor "teaches" the Constitution, of all things, to Kent students.

Here is one Clevelander's response to Prof. Cassel:

"Mark Cassell's skepticism that the Second Amendment protects "The right of the people to keep and bear arms" is puzzling, considering that is what it says. I convey my condolences to Cassell over the loss of his friend, but skewing history is not the answer. The failure of gun control in England and Australia is undeniable, and it's very conception mocks common sense, considering it disarms only those who are inclined to obey the law.

I am skeptical of anyone who would deny the plain English of the Second Amendment and the vast amount of historical text that supports the rights of individuals. Since Cassell is a political scientist, and a teacher of the Constitution, perhaps he can explain what the Ohio Constitution means by, "The Citizens of Ohio have the right to bear arms for their own defense and security."

From: Frank Lipnick

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