Pro-gun Democrats struggle for prominence

As we reported recently, the 2006 gubernatorial race is shaping up with pro- and anti-gun candidates on both sides of the ballot.

Closer on the calendar is a special election race in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, which pits the pro-gun former state representative Jean Schmidt, a Republican, against pro-gun Iraq War veteran and Democrat Paul Hackett. Fighting for votes in an extremely conservative district, Hackett is making no bones about his disagreement with his own Party when it comes to the Second Amendment.

The Cincinnati Post is reporting that in an interview with the Post editorial board, Hackett vocalized his Second Amendment support and belief that existing gun control laws are all that is needed to control gun crime and violence.

    A major in the Marine Corps Reserves, attorney and resident of Indian Hill, the 43-year-old Hackett describes himself as a moderate Democrat and does not share Democratic party views on gun control, among other issues.

    "I don't feel beholden to the Democratic or Republican Party because in some cases they both have it wrong," Hackett said.

    Hackett said people vote Republican because they want to protect their right to own arms, but don't realize that they are giving up other personal freedoms.

    Hackett, who owns assault rifles himself, supports timely background checks on gun purchasers, but disagrees with gun registration.

    "The discussion on gun control should be gun safety and enforcement of the laws already on the books," he said.

The NRA has made its choice in this race, and it must have been a tough one. Now, it's up to voters.

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