Pro-Gun Punditry: Wednesday's Buckeye State Roundabout

By Chris Chumita

There are more stories pertaining to our gun rights in Ohio then we can possibly draw attention to with individual daily commentary. But they are all worthy of mention.

What follows is our review of headlines from around the state though a pro-gun rights lens.

From an attack on a gas station clerk to an update on the JPFO movie, these articles should be a part of your required reading!

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3/26/07: Massillon, Ohio: Police: Man Robs, Rapes Pregnant Gas Station Clerk

From the article:

    Police are searching for a man they said who robbed and raped a pregnant gas station clerk.

This is exactly why we need to give store clerks the necessary training and access to firearms to defend themselves.

3/22/07: Northeast, Ohio: Police Break-Up Six-County Burglary Ring

From the article:

    A joint effort by several police and sheriff's departments arrested an unspecified number of suspects and broke up a burglary ring responsible for 145 house burglaries throughout Northeast Ohio since 2003, according Mentor police chief Daniel W. Llewellyn.

While it is great that the police finally stopped the burglary ring. However, it took them over three years and during that time 145 families were victimized. This is exactly why we cannot solely rely on the police to protect us.

3/22/07: Columbus Area: John Glenn 2A Center Lecturer Draws Few

From the article:

    Last night, a history professor from The Ohio State University was the guest of The Central Ohio Humanist Forum's monthly program at Columbus area Unitarian Universalist Church.

Also from the article:

    His topic for the lecture stated that the original vision of the Second Amendment would require more gun regulation, not less.

The author of the article did a great job reviewing and detailing the inaccuracies of Cordell's lecture. It was also very nice to see that he could only draw about a dozen people to his anti-gun lecture.

3/21/07: Twin Falls, Idaho: BATFE Killing Idaho's Oldest Gun Shop

From the article:

    Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, Idaho, is the state's oldest gun shop, opened since 1936. In 2004, a routine BATFE audit revealed minor clerical errors. According to Red's, out of nearly ten THOUSAND firearms transferred between 1996 and 2004, the alleged error rate did not even reach 1%. Even the BATFE acknowledges these are minor paperwork errors -- there are no missing firearms and no willful illegal acts.

We have to stop the BATFE's war on gun stores before it is too late.

3/17/07: Cincinnati, Ohio: Ohio Officer Accused Of Rape

From the article:

    A Hamilton County grand jury indicted Officer William Simpson on three counts of rape and three counts of sexual battery. Simpson was allegedly in uniform and carrying a gun.

Remember, according to the gun-grabbers, only the police should be allowed to carry guns.

2007: National: Rudy Giuliani On The Second Amendment

From the article:

    Rudy Giuliani is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. When he was Mayor of a city suffering an average of almost 2000 murders a year, he protected people by getting illegal handguns out of the hands of criminals. As a result, shootings fell by 72% and the murder rate was cut by two-thirds. But Rudy understands that what works in New York doesn’t necessarily work in Mississippi or Montana.

Somebody should tell Rudy that the Second Amendment does NOT state ".......shall not be infringed in all places except New York City."


From the article:

    It’s time to take JPFO’s “Boot the BATFE” campaign to a fiercer, more gutwrenching level.

    Announcing an upcoming video documentary from JPFO Productions: The Gang: Using the Law to Destroy Your Freedom and Security, an hour-long video documentary will show:

Here is an update on the Jews for The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)'s movie, "The Gang."

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