Pro-Gun Punditry: Wednesday's Buckeye State Roundabout

There are more stories pertaining to our gun rights in Ohio then we can possibly draw attention to with individual daily commentary. But they are worthy of mention.

What follows is our weekly review of headlines from around the state though a pro-gun rights lens.

This was a week features a possible reappearance of the infamous southwest Ohio Retail Rapist, sandwiched between still more more crimes in so-called "no-guns" zones. This article deserves be a part of your required reading!

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Wednesday in Columbus: Police: Gunfire Erupts As Car Chased On Dayton Street

    Police in Dayton said a gunman chased a car on East Third Street and then kept pulling the trigger. Investigators said with all of the bullets flying, no one was hit. Officers said at least a half dozen bullets struck the car that was being chased. The incident happened Wednesday morning near the intersection of East Third Street and Moore Avenue.
    An eyewitness told police that a gold car was being chased by a white Caprice Classic going west on East Third Street. The witness said a man was hanging out of the window trying to force the gold car off the road, while firing the gun.
    Police said numerous shell casings littered the road. Officers said the driver of the gold car pulled over on Hedges Drive, where police investigated the shooting. Authorities said no one was shot during the shooting. At this time, officers are looking for two people who were in the white Caprice Classic.

And when they find them, they will no doubt turn out to be individuals who did not have concealed handgun licenses and likely weren't even allowed to be in possession of the firearms in the first place. Yet this is they type of incident that gun grabbers use to try and keep a woman who is being stalked from having access to a firearm.

Thursday in Columbus: 2 Bouncers Shot At Bar

    Police said they were searching for two men who allegedly shot two bouncers at a bar early Thursday. The shooting took place about 1:45 a.m. at The Honeycomb Hideout, located on Shady Lane Road, located on the city's east side, NBC 4's Lauren Crowner reported. Police said two men were fighting inside the bar before both bouncers were shot. One of the bouncers was struck in the leg by a bullet. The other man was shot in the shoulder. Their names were not released.

In places where having guns is a crime, only criminals will have guns.

Saturday in Dayton: Man accused of hiding in van

    Englewood police arrested and charged an Englewood man for hiding in a woman's minivan and fear she may not be the only victim. Daniel S. Reindel, 31, was charged with voyeurism and unauthorized use of a vehicle, according to Englewood police. Officials said a man entered the woman's unlocked minivan in the parking lot of the Kmart on West National Road on Wednesday. The woman, who had her infant with her, did not notice the man until she stopped three miles away in Union and he jumped out the back door of the van. Witnesses alerted police and a nearby Union patrolman took Reindel into custody. The woman and her child were not harmed. Reindel was released from prison in June after serving seven years for burglary following another case of voyeurism, Englewood police reported. Englewood Detective Mike Lang said that as many as 60 other women in the Englewood area might have been victims of Reindel who they said gets sexual pleasure on not being noticed. Detectives said they believe Reindel targeted unlocked cars in parking lots.
    Reindel was being held in Montgomery County Jail on Friday.

This is the exact type of incident that "Stand Your Ground" laws deal with. Shouldn't this woman have the right to assume a strange man who is in her vehicle could harm her or her children and react appropriately? Mr. Reindel is fortunate not to have stepped into a van owned by one of the growing number of Ohio women who are trained on how to defend themselves.

Monday in Toledo: Garage shooting victim is city’s second of month

    A 41-year-old South Miller Street man died after police found him on the floor of a garage in the 2400 block of Auburn Avenue late Saturday. Toledo police responded to a shooting call at 2412 Auburn about 10:10 p.m. and found Othell Bruce Floyd of 318 South Miller unconscious on the floor of the garage with a gunshot wound to his chest. Mr. Floyd was taken to Toledo Hospital where he was pronounced dead about 10:55 p.m. Sgt. Greg Smith said police believe Mr. Floyd was working on a car in the garage when the shooting occurred but have no additional information. Detectives continue to investigate the case. Toledo did not have a homicide in January for the first time in 35 years, but has had two in the first five days of February. On Wednesday, Rodney Coley, a city employee, was shot as he opened the front door of his home at 2736 Bryn Mawr Drive. Two men and a juvenile are being held in that shooting.

Toledo sports some of the most invasive gun control laws in the state, yet gun crime continues to occur. Gun control only hurts the innocent.

Tuesday from Columbus: Poll: Ohio Governor Race Tight

    With just one in four Ohioans saying the state is headed in the right direction, the political winds appear to be shifting in favor of out-of-power Democrats, a new Zogby International telephone poll shows. After controlling the governor’s office for 15 years, the survey of 601 likely voters shows that Republicans are in a dogfight to hang onto it for another four. In prospective races, Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland runs slightly ahead or dead even with two well-known Republican opponents. Against Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a fixture on the statewide ballot since the mid-1990s, Strickland leads slightly, 38% to 35%. GOP Attorney General James Petro is deadlocked with Strickland at 36%, the survey shows. About a quarter of respondents in both prospective races said they were undecided.

The most fortunate thing for gun owners is that all three candidates polling as front-runners have a history of supporting your firearms rights.

Wednesday from Akron: Rep. Sykes' voting leads to probe

    State Rep. Barbara Sykes, a Democratic candidate for Ohio auditor, may have violated state election law because she didn't vote in the precinct where she lived in two elections last year, election officials said Tuesday. The Summit County Elections Board will review Sykes' voting record and residency next week and several board officials said the case could be referred to the prosecutor or sheriff for a criminal investigation. "I don't think there's any question, there appears there was a violation," said board member Wayne Jones, a Democrat. Jones said the infraction could be a felony. Russ Pry, the other Democrat on the board, said: "I don't know what's going to happen with it. "It's not good."

Looks like there could be one less anti-gun candidate on the ballot in May...

Wednesday in Cincinnati: Attacker may have cased another home

    A man wanted in connection with the sexual assaults of two women at a model home off of Ohio 122 might have been casing another model home just before the 3 p.m. attacks here on Saturday. Warren County Sheriff Tom Ariss said Tuesday that a man fitting the description of the attacker walked into a Springboro-area model home in northern Warren County on Saturday afternoon. Ariss said the man was not in the Springboro home for long, but long enough that a witness remembered his face and car. "He walked in. He didn't like what he saw and he left," Ariss said. The sheriff said the man was seen leaving the Springboro model home in a white Chevy Suburban with dual rear doors. The vehicle is believed to be a 1997 or 1999 model. Its rear windows, including the side rear windows, are tinted....The women said they were forced into the basement at gunpoint, forced to remove their clothing and were sexually assaulted for 45 minutes.
    They said they were tied up and told they were going to be raped and then killed. The women escaped and ran to a neighboring home for help where they gave police detailed - and nonconflicting - descriptions of their attacker. Officials said at least one of the women bit the man on the left hand. "They got good looks at him. They had the will to survive. They are heroines," Ariss said. Officials expect to have DNA results back in about one week to determine whether the robbery and assaults can be tied to the same man responsible for seven sexual assaults and eight robberies of store and restaurant employees in nine separate incidents around the region since 1992. In all of the attacks, the suspect was armed and said to have piercing blue eyes and brown hair with a stocky build...."We need the public because he is a marked man right now because of the bite on his hand. That bite is going to be on him a couple of weeks. He's marked, he's scuffed up a bit," Ariss said.

Suspicions are that this is the infamous Retail Rapist that has targeted victims in "gun free" zones in the past. The is no word yet on whether these women's employer requires them to come to work while defenseless.

Wednesday in Lakewood: 18-Year-Old Gave Gun To Boy Who Took It To School

    Lakewood police said they identified an 18-year-old as the person who gave a 7-year-old a gun this week, but officers are still trying to find him. The boy was caught Monday with the .22-caliber pistol at Harrison Elementary in Lakewood, NewsChannel5 reported. The gun was not loaded, but the student has been suspended and charged with possession of a gun in a school safety zone. Lakewood schools superintendent said a letter was sent home with the children who attend the schools to alert parents of the incident.

How many gun control laws had to fail in order for this to have happened? There is something nice in it for first person to submit the correct answer here.

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