Pro-Gun Punditry: Wednesday's Buckeye State Roundabout

There are more stories pertaining to our gun rights in Ohio then we can possibly draw attention to with individual daily commentary. But they are worthy of mention.

What follows is our weekly review of headlines from around the state though a pro-gun rights lens.

From shots fired and guns stolen in police station parking lots to heroic rescues of police officers by civilians, these articles should be a part of your required reading!

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Friday in Columbus - Man Shot In Front Of Police Academy

    A man was hospitalized Friday afternoon after a shooting in front of an area police academy. The shooting occurred in front of the Columbus Police Training Academy on Hague Avenue shortly after 4 p.m. The 38-year-old man was shot in the leg. He was taken to Mount Carmel Hospital West in critical condition.
    UPDATE: Monday in Columbus - Jealousy Was Behind Police Academy Shooting

    The man who police said shot a man and barricaded himself inside a house last week remained on the run Sunday night. Michael Capaniro, the shooting victim, said that he was shot because he is dating Romine's ex-girlfriend. Capaniro said that he was driving along Hague Avenue with his girlfriend when Romine started chasing them. He thought he would be safe with the number of police officers at the academy. "The next thing I know, he pulled up in his truck and opened fire," Capaniro said.

Mr. Capaniro attempted to follow OSP Capt. John Born's advice and "If there's a dangerous situation and you're in your car, you can drive off.'' . Many others have been instructed to “drive to a police station” if you are being victimized while in your car. If the police cannot keep your family safe on THEIR property, why should you think you can depend on them for protection elsewhere

Friday in Columbus - Men Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Officers' Cars

    A stolen gun was returned to the hands of its owner after being stolen Friday morning. Police said someone broke into three police officers' cars in the police substation parking lot. The thieves stole police equipment as well as an officer's handgun.

One more reason the egregious 'Plain Site' requirement in an automobile must be removed from Ohio law. If criminals are bold enough to burglarize a car sitting in a police substation parking lot, why must honest Ohioans advertise their firearms everywhere they drive?

Sunday in Westerville - Woman Found Tied Up, Robbed In Home

    The 57-year-old victim, a bank employee, went into her condominium and closed her garage door around dinnertime. As she walked inside, she heard the garage door begin to go back up, and went to see why. She turned around to see what caused one of the (security) sensors to trip, a gentleman in a ski mask was forcing her into the condominium. The two men made it known to the woman that they followed her and other employees of the bank for some time and that their intent was to force the victim to access the safe at the bank, located on U.S. Route 23. The woman explained that she could not open the safe, so the gunmen tied her up and left, Hollingsworth reported. She managed to call 911.

Again, 911 can only be counted on after the crime has been commited. Your families safety is your responsibility first, capturing the 'would-be' criminal after your familty is secure is responsibility of the police. Also, despite newspaper editorials claiming that criminals are not sophisticated enough to use lists of law-abiding Ohio CHL holders to plan robberies and other crimes, these two prove otherwise.

Sunday in Columbus - Democrats See Hope of Winning Governors' Seats

    At a time when considerable political attention is focused on the Democrats' uphill struggle to recapture Congress, leaders of both parties say Democrats appear to be in a much stronger position on another pivotal battlefield this November, the contests for governors.
    Of all the states in play, the most closely watched is probably Ohio, where Gov. Bob Taft is being forced out by term limits, under a cloud of scandal that has left Republicans fearful of a rout this November. Representative Ted Strickland is the most likely Democratic candidate. To the delight of some Democrats, a fierce primary has broken out on the Republican side between J. Kenneth Blackwell, the secretary of state, and Jim Petro, the attorney general.

Gun owners in Ohio are fortunate that all three of these candidates have shown strong support for gun rights. Most Pro-Gun supporters are single issue voters. If a candidate actively supports our 2nd amendment freedoms, it doesn't matter if there is a 'D' or a 'R' beside their name.

Monday in Lima - Lima SABRES to host gun training programs

    A variety of training programs — ranging from instructor training, pistol and personal protection to woman beginners who have never fired a gun — will be held over the next few months at the Lima SABRES Shooting Association. All programs are National Rifle Association (NRA) courses.
    Instructor guide and pistol courses designed to train experienced shooters to teach NRA basic firearm training courses as NRA certified instructors will be held April 28 and 29.

    Pistol and personal protection will be held March 17 and 18 and again on May 12 and 13.

    The final course is a popular one called women on target and will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 27. The SABRES pistol range is reserved for women only that day.

Buckeye Firearms Association applaudes all of the hardworking instructors throughout the state of Ohio. Efforts like these will ensure the number of safe shooters and hunters in our state will continue to grow. Please support the 'Lima Sabers' by visiting .

Monday in Cleveland - Small game seasons wrap up with rabbit, grouse hunts

    The small game seasons will end on Tuesday, the final day of hunting for cottontail rabbits and ruffed grouse. While rabbits can be found at most any public wildlife area, federal or state forest and on private lands, ruffed grouse are another matter. There are pockets of grouse in northeast and southeast Ohio, but the population has slumped quite a bit over the last couple of decades.

    Bust 'em with beagles
    The fun of bunny hunting includes an adventure with beagles. The small dogs are rabbit-finding machines and great companions in the field, especially when they're howling on the trail of a bunny. Many kids began their rabbit hunting career as the beagle, busting brush to boot out rabbits, until they were old enough to carry a shotgun.

    The rules
    Rabbits can be hunted from sunrise to sunset. The daily bag limit is four rabbits. Grouse can be hunted from one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. The grouse daily bag limit is three birds, a tough task in Ohio this year. Hunter orange is not required, but smart sportsmen will wear an orange hunting vest and hat.

Rabbit hunting is a fun and challenging sport. Ohio's new 'Apprentice Hunting License', which will be abailable this year, will enable 1000's or additional new hunters to experience this and other hunting and trapping related activities.

Monday in Shaker Heights/Pittsburg PA - CMU junior 'couldn't just stand there'

    In Shaker Heights, Ohio, Saks' parents, Steven and Cindy Saks, got a telephone call and drove three hours, to meet their son Ben at UPMC Presbyterian hospital, Oakland, where Ben was treated Saturday night.
    Saks was on Culloden Way, Shadyside, Saturday afternoon when he noticed the officer and a man struggling. "The officer had the guy against a garage, and (the guy) pushed away and ran," Saks said. The man ran toward Saks, and the officer fired his Taser gun. The prongs hit, delivering a massive jolt of electricity, but the man kept running.

    The officer chased the man through a passageway between two houses and toward Bellefonte Street. Saks followed, and when he got to the street, saw the officer on top of the man, who was punching and kicking wildly. The officer called repeatedly on his radio for backup. None had arrived yet, and Saks asked if the officer needed his help. "The thought didn't cross my mind I'd get shot," he said. "The officer said to help him hold (the man) down and try to reach his arm." The two were struggling for control of the officer's handgun. "He said 'gun,' and two seconds later, the gun went off," Saks said.

    City officials said Saks' quick action probably saved the officer's life. Mayor Bob O'Connor said he plans to honor Saks publicly and invite him to a Steelers game. However, Saks shied at the thought of being called a hero. "I'd hope everyone else would do the same thing," he said.

What more can be said? Criminals continue try to disrupt and destroy the lives of honest citizens and everyday more and more of these citizens are deciding to turn the tables.

Tuesday in Zanesville - Trout release

    Ohio anglers don't have much opportunity to fish for trout, but each spring the state does stock selected waters with 10- to 13-inch rainbows. This year, 45 lakes will receive a total of 80,000 trout.

    Stockings will begin in mid-March and extend into May. The limit is five trout per angler.

    In Southeastern Ohio, Dow Lake in Athens County will be stocked March 10, New Lexington Reservoir March 16, Wolf Run Lake in Noble County March 17, Monroe Wildlife Area in Monroe County March 17, Belmont Lake in Belmont County March 24, Barnesville Reservoir No. 3 in Belmont County March 31 and Cenci Park Pond in Fairfield County April 7.

Spring is getting close. Make a commitment now to take one new person a month either fishing of shooting with you. Remember you may be the only sportsman outside of the movies and media they see. Make a good impression and help us grow more supporters who love these activities.

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