Pro-Gun Punditry: Wednesday's Buckeye State Roundabout

There are more stories pertaining to our gun rights in Ohio then we can possibly draw attention to with individual daily commentary. But they are worthy of mention.

What follows is our weekly review of headlines from around the state though a pro-gun rights lens.

From turkey hunting to primary candidates, these articles should be a part of your required reading!

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Wednesday - Geauga County Geauga Park District approves turkey hunt

    The Geauga County Park District plans to open some of its property to hunters this year, beginning with the spring wild turkey season and possibly extending to the fall deer season. The policy represents a radical shift for the park system, which has rigorously enforced a ban on weapons and hunting.

    The change signifies a desire to manage wildlife and serve the county's growing number of hunters, said John Oros, the district's natural resource manager. If all goes well, Oros envisions the program expanding to include other species and park properties.

Ohio is truely blessed with an abundant variety of game for sportsment to enjoy. Getting more new hunters introduced to the sport is a major focus of the Ohio Dept. of Wildlife. Programs such as 'Youth Hunts' for turkey and deer along with the new 'Apprentice' Hunting license available later this year are sure to allow more people to experience hunting in Ohio

Wednesday - Columbus Crime Patrol Works To Protect Campus Apartments

    A group of crime fighters is keeping a close eye on the Ohio State University campus this week to protect the belongings of students who are out of town on spring break.

    Some worry that with so many Ohio State students on spring break, burglars will target off-campus housing. Dozens of apartments in one complex were hit during the winter break, when more than 50 students had their homes broken into and valuables stolen.

Unfortuneatly for our college students, the criminals no longer feel it is necessary to wait until the students are gone. The fact that 7 crime alerts have been issued at OSU already this year shows that if you provide defenseless victims, criminals will come

Wednesday - Ironton Local Man awarded the NWTF's Roger Latham Service Award

    Earl “Buddy” Fry has spent more than 30 years of his life working toward the conservation of wild turkeys and the preservation of the hunting tradition. He has now received nationwide attention for his work.

    He was a strong supporter of the Juniors Acquiring Knowledge Ethics and Sportsmanship (JAKES) and also the Women in the Outdoors program. But, Fry said he is most proud of his work with the Wheelin’ Sportsman, the program gives those with physical limitations the opportunity to go into the outdoors by teaming them up with sportsman without disabilities.

Buckeye Firearms Association congradulates Mr. Fry on this prestigious award. Tireless volunteers are what makes this state great. If you want to find out how to volunteer with BFA, click HERE

Friday - Columbus 3 Men Shot Inside Gas Station

    Police said that they were searching for the person who shot three men early Friday while they were inside a north Columbus gas station.
    "We got a call that we'd had a person shot out here at 23rd and Cleveland. As officers arrived, we ended up finding three victims," said Lt. Brent Mull, of Columbus police. "Almost like an ambush fashion, we at least had one shooter come around the corner and fired multiple times at the victims," Mull said.

Saturday - Bluffton Police fatally shoot man after chase on Interstate 75

    A man who led police on a high-speed chase on Interstate 75 in northwest Ohio was shot and killed as he began shooting at officers outside a gas station, authorities said. Two state troopers also were injured.

    During a dispute with workers, the suspect struggled with a Bowling Green police officer, and fired a shot with a handgun on his way out of the office, authorities said. No injuries were reported inside the office.

Not only does Ohio law currently allow businesses to restrict lawful concealed carry inside their stores, but it also allows businesses to restrict law-abiding Ohioans from keeping a firearm in their car for protection coming and going from work. Clearly stopping for gas while going to of leaving work is also getting more dangerous

Sunday - Cincinnati Primary questions for 2006

    The 2006 primary elections are fast approaching in both Ohio and Kentucky, so the time has come to start asking tough questions of the candidates who hope to wear their parties' colors in the fall election.

    We've listed 10 primary races to watch, but there are many other important ones.
    - Ohio Governor
    - Ohio Attorney General
    - Ohio Sectretary of State
    - Ohio House Districts 2, 32, 67, and 88
    - Warren County Commissioner
    - Kenton County Attorney
    - Kentucky House District 69

Ohio voters need to be actively working to make certain gun owners have the right choices on the fall ballot. You do this be supporting Gun Rights advocates in Mays primary. See our endorsments page HERE for candidate you should support. Then get out and work to make sure they win the primary election. Volunteer to help BFA HERE

Sunday - Lima Ohio unit headed for Africa

    The Marines of Lima Company, who lost more comrades in Iraq than any other American unit, are headed back into harm’s way.

    About six months after returning from the war, the reservists regrouped yesterday for the first time at their Columbus headquarters and were told they will be deployed next year to Chad.

Buckeye Firearms Assocation can not thank these brave men and women and their families enough for the sacrifices they are making to ensure freedom for not only us here at home, but for persons everywhere.

Sunday - Cleveland Shooting range is just grand for area sportsmen

    he Grand River Shooting Range is on Ohio 88, 2 miles east of Farmington and Ohio 534 and 2 miles west of Ohio 45 in Trumbull County.

    What to bring: Hearing protection and safety eye wear along with a shotgun, rifle or pistol, and plenty of ammunition and targets.

    Clay target shooting: There is a field on Ohio 88 just west of the Grand River Shooting Range designated for shotgun shooters who want to break a few clay targets. Shooters must bring a hand thrower or portable ground trap and clay targets. Be sure to dispose of empty shotshells or boxes.

When you head out to the range this week, stop and ask a neighbor or co-worker if they would like to join you. Show them how enjoyable the shooting sports are and maybe you can make a pro-gun voter out of them at the same time.

Monday - Athens Nothing solved by choosing lesser evil

    The political atmosphere that has formulated in early 21st century America has been quite intolerable. True indeed, these are turbulent times. And in these important moments when we make choices as to who should be given the power to regulate our lives, to interact with the international community and to formulate public policy, we must evaluate the choices that we as a people have been offered. I find that when these choices are objectively analyzed, we have all been shortchanged, with neither side deserving of our votes. And it is time for this subjugation to end.

Primary election are our only chance to make certain that we have the best choices for the fall elections. By supporting the best candidates in the primaries, we won't have to make 'Lesser of Two Evils' choices this fall. The best example is Senator DeWine, who is certainly no friend of gun owners despite what his form letter response has told us for 12 years. Senator DeWine has two primary challengers who both are gun rights supporters. If gun owners get behind one of his challengers for the May election, we may have a good choice come November. If not, we will be left to choose the 'Lesser Evil' of Brown or DeWine in the general election. Not a place we should be

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