Proposal Will Snatch Guns from Young Adults and Youth in Ohio

Pending legislation understates the safety of youth hunting

Legislation has been introduced in Ohio that will stop anyone under the age of 21 from hunting or shooting without supervision.

House Bill 354, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Boyd, D-Cleveland Heights, and Sandra Williams, D-Cleveland, prohibits anyone under 21-years-old from possessing a firearm. Under the bill, if an adult or youth who does not meet the age requirement plans to handle a firearm, he or she must do so in the presence of someone 21 or over. Licensed hunters who now take to the woods solo will have to bring a supervisor if the bill passes.

“If passed, this bill would have a devastating effect on efforts to attract new hunters and recreational shooters,” said Rob Sexton, USSA vice president for government affairs. “It is inconceivable that the government would send people between the ages of 18 and 21 to war, but prohibit them from hunting or target shooting.”

Bill sponsors claim that the legislation is aimed at preventing gun violence and accidents; however, hunters and recreational shooters promote safe handling of firearms. Accident rates among hunters and shooters are at historic lows.

For those under eighteen, parents are best equipped to make this decision, not the government,” said Sexton. “The proposal will not stop criminals from using firearms, but it will stop hunters from passing on our traditions to the next generation.”

House Bill 354 has been referred to the House Criminal Justice Committee.

Take Action! Ohio sportsmen should ask state representatives to reject HB 354. Let them know that you oppose unnecessary restrictions on youth hunting. To find your representative, call (800) 282-0253 or use the Legislative Action Center at

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