Protest letters continue to flood Ashland Times-Gazette – will they be printed?

The editor of the Ashland Times-Gazette, who recently announced that he has taken the privacy of 400 or more concealed handgun license (CHL)-holders hostage, and will release the information unless the Ohio General Assembly bends to his will, is certainly hearing from his readers. Many of them have copied OFCC when the letters were sent, and many say they have received NO replies. The question now is - will Daniels share these letters with his readers?

From: Bob N.
To: Ted Daniels, Ashland Times Gazette

Mr. Daniels,

I read, with great interest and disgust, the article written about you and about your intentions to publish the names and addresses of
CCW permits. I have NEVER seen a complete...SPECIAL EDITION...list of
registered sex offenders, their locations, their change of address (which
they frequently change) or a list of domestic violence (wife beaters) or
drunk drivers and their addresses and change of address, or Rapist and their
addresses and change of address or ...I think you understand what I am
getting at.

A list of law-abiding citizens who have gone through a thorough training
program and have submitted to an extensive background check and have been
properly licensed by the State of Ohio, is, as you put it, not very
exciting. By publishing mine and other holders of lawful CCW permits, their
names and addresses you are, somehow, in your mind rendering a public
service to the people who read the Ashland Gazette and/or the citizens of
Ashland county. NOT!

In reality Mr. Daniels, all you have managed to do is violate my right to
privacy and make me ashamed of our local newspaper. I do agree with the
statement made in the article below, that "you are using the same tactics as
terrorist use when they demand policy changes, and threaten beheadings if
they don't get their way."


I can see why my neighbors and many others have stopped the Ashland Gazette
and began subscribing to the Mansfield News Journal or other publications.
You have lost your moral compass Mr. Daniels, and it's showing. PUBLISH THE
BAD GUYS MR. DANIELS, NOT THE GOOD GUYS!! Then you are doing a public
service and your newspaper has worth.

I sincerely hope that you have reconsidered your intention to publish name and
addresses of law-abiding citizens. It serves no purpose except to make you,
and only you, happy.


Bob N.
Ashland, OH

To contact Ted Daniels:

    Ted Daniels
    Editor and General Manager
    Ashland Times-Gazette
    40 E. Second St.
    Ashland, OH 44805
    419-281-0581, ext. 211
    419-281-5591 (fax)
    [email protected]


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