Public hearings scheduled for Youngstown 'assault weapons' ban

On June 11th, the Youngstown City Council will be holding public hearings on the so-called assault weapons ordinance being considered by the safety committee.

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There will be two separate sessions the first will be held from 2:20 - 4:30, the second from 5:30 - 7:30.

I am told that as this is a public hearing interested parties will be given ample time to speak. Generally council meetings require and application to address council be submitted a week in advance I am told THIS IS NOT THE CASE at a public hearing. I am told that a book will be available to "sign in". Those planning to testify should sign in and I am told express
either support (pro) or opposition to the ordinance (against).

The exact intention of these hearings, whether there will be committee action on the bill or if due to the media attention the issue recently received the public is just being given the ability to present council with both sides of the issue.

Now is the time to begin preparing. This gives us one week to:

Prepare testimony
Gather as many people as possible.

The dress code for council is rather casual but lets keep in mind our objective. We are trying to break, not reaffirm, the stereo-type of "gun nuts" we need to show them that we are reasonable, tax-paying members of the community. So please, no cammo or "hunters orange" etc.

Also, we must make sure that we present ourselves calmly and professionally. This is a very emotional issue, we are very passionate about it, but we have to keep our composure. Losing our tempers will serve no good.

Anyone with any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. ALSO please feel free to share this information with other like-minded folks in the community. If gun owners do not stand up for our rights, it will not be long before we lose them. We must think of this as a one-time shot to prevent the lose of our rights to keep and bare arms. We can not be passive and let someone else carry the torch on this one. If every law-abiding gun owner shows up, there is no doubt this thing will be disposed of quickly. If most ignore these warnings there is no doubt that this will be only step one in the loss of our rights. When this ordinance does not work (none ever has) it will be assumed that the "existing laws are yet not strict enough" and little by little our rights will be erased.

For those who may be new to this issue, this ban touches nearly every semi-automatic firearm of any caliber. from .22's and up. if it uses a magazine, it will become an "Assault weapon"!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Rick Kaleda
[email protected]

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