Public testimony supports fixing concealed carry law

The Buckeye Firearms Association and PRO (Peoples Rights Organization) were joined by many individuals who testified in support of HB347 today.

The most compelling testimony was offered by Chief Murphy of the Gahanna police department. His testimony was simply awesome. His professionalism, speaking as a law enforcement officer on the topic of “plain sight” and the problems it presents both to the concealed handgun license holder, and to law enforcement was clear and compelling.

The Chief’s testimony was followed by Larry Moore, representing Buckeye Firearms. Moore testified about the importance of removing “plain sight” restrictions and detailed a “man with a gun” call he was involved in. These calls, while certainly well-meaning, are a needless burden to law-abiding citizens. Worse, they are a waste of our law enforcement resources. Taking an officer away from the job of fighting crime to chase down citizens going to great length to comply with a needles provision of the law is not in the public good.

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After Moore spoke, Senator Steve Austria commented on the outstanding work Moore does with the Greene County Fish and Game Club, hunter education work, and other community service. Senator Austria is in support of HB347.

Also present for the entire hearing were John Hohenwarter, Ohio lobbyist for the NRA, and Senator Joy Padgett (until last week a candidate for Lt. Gov. on the Petro ticket), who has been working closely with leadership and all interested parties to help resolve differences in a proper manor.

There simply is no reason to listen to the Ohio Highway Patrol’s concerns that they continue to make, yet have never been able to back up with statistical, anecdotal, or even hearsay evidence. The OHP did not offer public testimony against HB347, and public records requests have shown no indication there is officer safety issue regarding concealed carry, yet they continue to work to harass the law-abiding CHL holder.

The only opponent testimony was offered by Tom Smith of the Ohio Council of Churches. Like the other anti-self-defense people, he simply does not understand criminal psychology, firearms, or their effectiveness at stopping and preventing violent crime.

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