Quid Pro Quo?: Taft sends cash & promotions to Ohio State Patrol

OFCC supporter Ed, has been making some rather keen observations on actions Bob Taft has taken to reward the Ohio State Patrol in the weeks following its adamant opposition to HB274:

• "Col. Kenneth Morckel (Superintendent of OSP) was appointed by the governor to
be the next Director of the Dept. of Public Safety."

• The Governor's various proposed tax increases includes a proposed a 2 cent per year for three years (6 cents) tax increase on gasoline. "Guess where a large chunk of that money is going?", Ed notes. "The OSHP is getting a $150,000,000 increase in their allotment."

Ed goes on to say: "We better gear ourselves to the same resistance, from the same forces again this year and next. The marching orders come from the governor's office and those dependent on him will always do what they're told. It is not so much that the OSHP or the Chiefs of Police have great concerns, it's the phony objections they voice so Gov. 'Shaft' can say that the safety forces are not satisfied with the bill (no matter what's in it)."

"We now should realize that our demands for facts, statistics, true feelings, etc. won't do the trick. We're going to have to lean hard, very hard on our reps and senators (especially our senators) and demand that they ignore the phony concerns voiced against any CCW bill and let's get it on the governor's desk! That is what he's afraid of."

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