''Reform the reform''; Ask legislators to make OhioCCW user-friendly

The fight to restore Ohioans' right to self-defense was not an easy one. Many important provisions were left out, and many more harmful provisions were inserted, in order to get a law.

Calls to "reform the reform" began almost immediately after passage of the law last year, and with nearly ten months of experience putting the new law into practice, the need for improvements to this law has been clearly demonstrated.

Now that members of the 126th General Assembly are settled in, and now that they have received their committee assignments, it is time for citizens to begin sharing their thoughts with legislators on where changes need to be made.

To that end, Ohioans For Concealed Carry has updated its Write Your Elected Officials website function, which locates legislators' contact information for constituents who enter their street address. Users can then personalize the letter and the system will send it to legislators via email and/ or facsimille.

A template letter is provided as a starting point for constituents' letters. Letter-writers are encouraged to modify the letter by sharing their day-to-day experiences with Ohio CHL, good and bad. This will help legislators know what provisions need attention, and what provisions need protection.

Write Your Elected Officials Now!

The influence of this organization's members and supporters through this email/ fax system was highlighted in a newspaper article soon after the law was passed last year: Dayton Daily News: Gun Lobby Shows Clout in Ohio

For other information on how you can help, access the OFCC PAC's Grassroots Action Guide.

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