Remembering 9/11/2001

By Jim Irvine

It has been five years since terrorists attacked the United States of America by hijacking four civilian airplanes, cutting the throats of the crew, and crashing their airplanes into the World Trade Center’s twin towers and the Pentagon. Brave passengers aboard United Airlines flight 93 died in a field in Pennsylvania, but succeeded in their mission to prevent the hijackers from hitting another target. Almost 3,000 people died in the day’s attack.

Buckeye Firearms Association offers our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to those who lost a friend, family member, co-worker or loved one that day. We salute the rescue workers who sacrificed their safety so that others could live. We commend our soldiers who continue the fight to ensure that we are safe within our borders by fighting our enemy abroad.

Evil emerges every day from the shadows and terrorizes innocent victims. Such attacks normally affect only those close to the victim. The attacks on 9/11 were of such ferocity that it shocked our nation. Each of us are forever changed by the events of that day.

As a pilot for American Airlines, I am reminded daily of the enormous price we paid. I will go to work today, and I will fly my passengers safely to their destination. My co-workers at American and the other airlines will do the same. The terrorist have not won - because our pride, our courage, our spirit, and our determination can not be taken from us. We are Americans.

We must never forget 9/11/2001 or the victims who lost their lives that day. We must forever be vigilant of everything around us, and never take for granted the freedoms we enjoy.

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Captain John Ogonowski, First Officer Thomas McGuinness

Flight attendants: Barbara Arestegui, Jeffrey Collman, Sara Low, Karen Martin, Kathleen Nicosia, Betty Ong, Jean Roger, Dianne Snyder, Madeline Sweeney


Captain Victor Saracini, First Officer Michael Horrocks

Flight attendants: Robert J. Fangman, Amy N. Jarret, Amy R. King, Kathryn L. Laborie, Alfred G. Marchand, Michael C. Tarrou, Alicia N. Titus

Captain Charles F. Burlingame, First Officer David Charlebois

Flight attendants: Michele Heidenberger, Jennifer Lewis, Kenneth Lewis, Renee May

Captain Jason Dahl, First Officer Leroy Homer

Flight attendants: Lorraine Bay, Sandra Bradshaw, Wanda Green, CeeCee Lyles, Deborah Welsh

Further information is available at the 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial Foundation.

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